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A Quick guide to show beginners how to properly setup and start playing the game.

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If for whatever reason the provided Readme file didn't give enough details (tried to keep the Readme file simple), the following guides should explain more on setting up the game.

. Requirements:

. Summary:

  1. Installing the Mod
  2. Setting up the Mod
  3. Troubleshooting

1/ Installing the mod:

(You can skip this part if you have already launched the mod without issues)

  1. Install Zandronum or GZDoom.
  2. Download latest version of ZBloody Hell and extract it in the directory where you installed Zandronum or GZDoom.
  3. Double click the appropriate batch file ZBloodyHell_GZDoom for GZDoom, ZBloodyHell_Zandronum for Zandronum.

2/ Setting up the mod:

  1. Head to options > customize controls and setup the following controls : Secondary Fire, Crouch, Jump, Activate Item, Next Item, Previous Item.
  2. (Optional) If you're using Zandronum to play the mod, you may also setup a key for "Taunt" action to make Caleb say random things ingame using a key.
  3. Head to Hud options > Default crosshair and Set it to Crosshair 2 (you can also scale crosshair to your liking).
  4. Now go back to options and choose Mouse options > Enable Freelook and turn it on (You'll need this to aim at switches that autoaim can't target), oh and turn off mouse movement from there if you wish.

You should be ready to go now.

3/ Troubleshooting:

Q - The level is too dark, I can't see

A - Probably because of the default sector light mode setting, you can change this to "Standard" and it should make the level look slightly brighter, Open Console and type gl_lightmode "0", or Click on Options > Display Options > OpenGL options in the Main Menu and change "Sector light Mode" to "Standard", If you're using Zandronum this option is found under Options > Display Options > OpenGL options > Preferences.


hi. i have a mouse cursor where the crosshair is.. anything i should do for that?

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snapshot_ Author

This sounds like an issue with GZDoom itself, you might want to try asking the folks at:

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