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Meatbot and PeZBOT take origin in CoD 2 and CoD4/5. These authentic mods are ported to CoD1/UO by ATB, one of PeZBOT developpers. His work is released for free and everyone can modify it at will. I hereby show you the tutorial how to make waypoints for bots.

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To make your life easier, I packed all elements required into one folder. You can download it here.

Step 1: Extract the folder in the .rar file in CoD directory. You should have something like this:


Step 2: Right click on each shortcut and modify the directory in target box.


Step 3: Open server_dev.cfg and put in your un-waypointed map.


Step 4: Launch EBUS_WAYPOINT_DEV and follow the instructions


- Press [F /USE] to Select/Link Waypoints

- Press [Z] to auto-waypointing

Waypoint Colors:

Red:------------- Waypoint with no children, this is bad, link it to another waypoint or remove it.
Purple:---------- Waypoint with one child, this is not so bad however it is a dead end, these are especially good for getting the bots to go to the right place up next to the objective in headquarters.
Green:----------- Waypoint with more than one child, these are safe.
Yellow:---------- Climbing Waypoint Type.
Black:----------- Killpoint.

Step 5: Save waypoints by pressing [F5] and quit the game

- You can open the console [~] and type \quit

Step 6: If everything is done correctly, the waypoints is located in console_mp.log

- Search for it and follow the instructions.

You can share your work with other on our forum here.

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