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The 'Softimage XSI Production Series DVD' videos previously available from from the Virtual Academic Software Trust are now available for easy access on Youtube.

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Members AceMastermind and Rork at SI-Community have taken the time to compile and organize the training videos that used to accompany previous versions of Softimage XSI (and were available courtesy of VAST, the Virtual Academic Software Trust).

While some workflows have changed and improved over time (and other new features added), a lot of the information here is still valid and can be a big help to understanding Modtool 6 & 7, along with newer versions of Softimage.





General Modeling

Modifiers and Deformers

Surfaces and Curves

Object Tools


Materials and Textures

Texture and Layer Editor


Animation Structures


Animation Mixing

Sources and Clips

Shape Animation (morphing)

Working with Audio


Skeletons and IK Solvers

Enveloping (skinning)

Character Rigs

Character Development Kit

Animating Deformations



Rigid Body Dynamics

Rigid Body Dynamics Concepts

Rigid Body Dynamics Examples

Hair Concepts & Workflow

Hair Examples

Hair Optimization

Particle Introduction

Particle Concepts

Particle Examples


Render Tree Basics

Render Tree Techniques

Creating Effects with the Gradient Shader

Elliptical Filtering

Bump Mapping


Final Gathering

Render Passes Explained

Render Passes in Use

Antialiasing and Adaptive Sampling

Motion Blur

BSP Tree

Rendermap: Concept and Examples

Rendermap: Extracting Normal Maps

Rendermap: High Resolution Maps

Displacement Maps

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Woah... tutorial heaven!

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