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Take the first steps in an adventure of mobile game development with a very friendly book, and aspire to become a master developer some day.

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It's time to build mobile games! You will get a taste of the power of Cocos2d-x, covered thoroughly in Cocos2d-x by Example Beginner's Guide written by Roger Engelbert. This book will show you how to build an entire game simply by running the various action commands contained in Cocos2d-x, which has become a massively popular framework in recent years. You can make your sprites move around, rotate, flip, fade, scale, blink, and much more. You can also use actions to animate your sprites, like a movie.

The book contains a total of seven games. With each example, you'll learn more and more about the framework and the skillfully crafted code that can quickly add particle effects, animation, sounds, physics, and all kinds of attractive elements. You'll learn how to optimize the development of your game with sprite sheets and use bitmap fonts. One of the sample games covered starts off with a simple city. It's a beautiful day in the city when suddenly, the sky begins to fall. Meteors start falling on the city, and the player has to protect it. To do that, the player can tap the screen to create a bomb. When the bomb is big enough, it can be detonated to destroy nearby meteors.

First, you design labels to be used throughout the game. Then you insert images of clouds, bombs, and health packs. Next, you make the device capable of identifying the player's touches. In the final step of the game logic, you plan time intervals for the bombs to grow and the meteors to fall. Yes, timing is all that matters for a game of this kind!

Cocos2d-x lets you create universal games-designed for a particular device, they can be scaled to fit all other common screens. For lots of more fun like this and to test your creativity in building mobile games, get your copy of Cocos2d-x by Example Beginner's Guide today.

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