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As the last county still under elvish control and no help can you survive, even thrive, as the last elf in the south surrounded by humans?

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Duke Rhuobe the Manslayer – is an Elvish warlord in a county with an old ancient stronghold and 2 brand new ones. You start off with a large army for one county. But you only have one county. And there are a lot of big boys next to you that do not like you. Your charcther is very strong but you get no event troops. This is an extremely rough start. Your best bet is to push east thru the weaker humans lands and try to increase your levies. But its going to be tough. This is one of the hardest starts I found in the game.


The trick to Rhuobhe is to send your chancellor and get claims in the north.

Marry the Queen of the Sielwode and you have her as an ally, and your grandson the Prince of Tuarhievel is also an ally.

Once you get a firm foothold in the north and conquer/subjugate what you need there, it's very possible to be on track for a world conquest game :D

It took me 150 years in my last Rhuobhe game, but I managed to finally break the Anuireans and I have most of the Brechts as tributaries. And the elves are slowly replacing the human infestation in the great forests!

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