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For the first time to write articles and immediately began to strike a series of articles devoted to the development and promotion of their game Horde Attack. For you dear readers — this is the story of how I developed my first project and trying to promote it. And for me, this will be a technical job where I will describe upcoming features and give a kind of promise in front of You to fulfill all that is written here.

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For the first time to write articles and immediately began to strike a series of articles devoted to the development and promotion of their game Horde Attack. For you dear readers — this is the story of how I developed my first project and trying to promote it. And for me, this will be a technical job where I will describe upcoming features and give a kind of promise in front of You to fulfill all that is written here.

In return, I count on the support of (voluntary) of my Steam games Greenligth, constructive criticism and feedback.

Link to Greenligth: . Also there is a link to the alpha version of the game. Play as much as necessary.

Get acquainted

Hi! We teams – the largest development Studio of the games of Almaty. Unfortunately, it's not that we is me and my friend Vladimir. Relatively young guys, who decided to conquer the multi-billion dollar gaming market and earn a couple of apartments, a yacht and many different buns.

The development of the games we had no relations to this day. I'm a web developer who is tired of this hell of technology that occurs in the web. Technology they are beautiful, but are changing so quickly that you don't know what to study and why. So I decided to do no less interesting and challenging game development. Plus, who has not dreamed in childhood to create their own game.

I dragged my friend Volodya. Vladimir not a developer, specializiruetsya on contextual advertising and partly social networks. As I write this article he is next working with portals dedicated to indie games. At a later date.

What topics will be addressed:

  • The emergence of ideas
  • Development
  • Promotion
  • Monetization
  • Organization of work
  • Communication with users
  • Access to Steam Greenlight
  • Problems and their solutions.
  • Development of a website dedicated to the game.

How it all began.

The idea to develop a game, I lit up a long time ago, around the fall of 2016. To develop games I didn't know how absolutely. With the choice of engine, I have had no problems, stopped for Unity 3d. Selection criteria for me was:

  • The C#programming language
  • Cross-platform
  • A variety of materials, including in Russian
  • Examples of successful projects
  • Pricing and services for monetization

Game development will require an understanding of 3D graphics and work with it. I settled on Blender. For sound today, I have enough Audacity.

How you were trained.

Autumn got the idea. Started watching video tutorials both free and paid, read articles and even purchased a book. In the beginning I had my mind set that I should start to develop in January. Paid daily for 2-3 hours. The main objective was not to learn to develop games, but just to understand what I write and say the developers. Therefore, information could have been read a huge amount.

As a result, by March I went to the level to understand what they say, but well if you ask can't tell. Now I'm at about the same level just to write more code learned.

It gives a big advantage, all the new information begin to understand the words of the floor and formed the "expert" opinion about the quality of the material.

It is time to start making your game!

Now I'm doing a game for 12-14 hours almost seven days a week. The training now looks as if I need to add some functionality I find several options (usually no ready-made solutions), consider ways of implementing and combining to create a suitable option.

Small summarizing

My principle of learning:

  1. Explore as many of the materials used to the terminology and to understand the main ideas of game development (1-3 months).
  2. The development of the game. On their own, not the lessons.
  3. The missing knowledge to find the various embodiments, implementations and adapt the game.

From idea to implementation.

I've always liked the format of the game a crowd of monsters runs on the player. In response, the player shoots and maneuvering between enemies.

With this idea began to develop. There is a great video series on the creation of this game -

A small digression. Soon (after may 28) will start site work . It will contain useful materials that I have accumulated over the time of game development, my portfolio, references and personal page of the game Horde Attack.

But after a while I saw videos of the Nex Machina. I'm a harsh realist, immediately realized that this genre with my level I will not be able to bring something new and unique that can attract the buyer.

Tip # 1. Explore the market of games in the genre that you plan the development.

Tip # 2. Rate your strength. In addition to coding the logic you need to work with 3d graphics, animations and much more.

He rejected the idea, pushed the disappointment in myself and went to the holiday Nauryz. In search of new ideas pay attention to all the little things that happen around. Saw one horse, and saw a horse and a Yurt. It dawned on me! The nomads! Especially when you know that our countries lived in the era of the Tatar-Mongol yoke.

To implement the idea, I approached more thoughtfully. Looked similar game, appreciated its potential.

Identified key features that will allow you to create it quickly and efficiently.

  1. Easy to control
  2. Tutorials and gameplay for the player
  3. A dynamic game. 10 to 20 minutes for 1 round.
  4. The lack of complex animations, textures and graphics
  5. To develop an attractive alpha version in 2-3 months.
  6. A quick feedback.

Unfortunately, at the initial stage I have not thought this through to record a few videos and screenshots of the game to the levels of the prototype. Therefore, this phase is without visual AIDS.

Tip # 3. Since the beginning of the development, to start collecting materials for marketing and demonstrations.

In short, it looked like this. Many of the squares followed the movement of the player and at the entrance to the city, he changed color depending on the belonging to a nation.

Development. What will happen after the alpha version. Alpha v2

Break to develop. This section will describe the basic ideas on the logic of the game and what is the functionality planned to be added. I think that the code itself makes no sense to put it far from exemplary. But his absence will try to compensate by description logic and internal screenshots of the game world.

The Chapter will consist of descriptions:

  • Player
  • The enemy General
  • Warriors
  • City
  • The outside world
  • Technological branch of development
  • Trade
  • Interface
  • Points system and rankings

Each item in this list I will devote a separate Chapter. The head will contain:

  • Logic
  • Implementation of
  • Planned features for the final version of the game.

I believe you can complete this part. Until the next left to wait not so long. For starters a small piece of the inner world of video games.

P.S. looking Forward to your feedback about the game. Comments on the article. And I remind you that now available the alpha version of the game. It is better to play 1 time, than 100 times to see the video (Given that the installation I have is weak).


Looks really interesting! But it seems as if your AI needs some improvements: You've attacked the red horde as soon as you saw it but the red horde doesn't seem to know about this trick, does it?
Also, the last minutes weren't as interesting because it was clear that blue would win and that it was just a matter of time when that would happen. Other than that: Keep up the good work!

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danil-ka88 Author

Thanks for the comment.
Really. In this version, the horde does not attack during movement. In the next updates, I will fix it. I can add that the cities will also be hostile to the enemies and the player.
The ending will be more interesting in the future. I will not tell you now. Let it be a surprise.

I suggest you subscribe to the update.
You will receive the latest news from here.

Of course I will add news on my favorite

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