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A summary of a list of tech support tricks composed by Clan Coyote.

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Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries was designed for Windows XP operating systems. As such, some mechwarriors have had difficulty with running the game on Windows 7, 8.1, and other operating systems.

Clan Coyote ( has been very hard at work in devising means of resolving the issues which most often present themselves in the course of getting the game to work on these modern operating systems.

To start with, there are a number of documents included in the actual game folder that will address some issues. These documents are:

As a general disclaimer, we recommend you make a copy of the entire game file to ensure any chages you make can be reversed, should they prove to be catastrophic.

If you're still having trouble, perhaps these tips might help.

1. General Errors and Difficulties:

One way of circumventing some initial problems, such as with crashing, resolution, or other errors is to run the included autoconfig_mercs.exe program. This will allow you to choose which graphics card the game uses, as well as adjust your resolution and graphics settings. Try setting the program to run at your computer's native resolution, or 800x600, or another equivalent.

Another option is to adjust your launch settings in the executable's Compatibility tab. Right-click MW4Mercs.exe to access this tab and consider setting its compatibility mode for Windows 7 or XP. You may also have to run the file in Administrator mode.

A third option is to explore your graphics card's control panel and adjust your settings there. Nvidia graphics cards typically come with control settings associated with installed applications. Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries should have an entry in Nvidia programs.

2. My antivirus claims that Mechwarrior 4 is infected:

It's a false-positive. The copy hosted here was derived from my own copy-reduced to its MekTek condition, patched to 0030c, and subsequently released. Mark the file as an exception in your antivirus program.

You may also have to disable your firewall or antivirus program if you encounter issues. Some antivirus programs will block the game from running entirely, even after exceptions are added.

3. My graphics card is too advanced:

There is a file inside the main game folder titled "VideoCard.txt." This document may be able to walk you through some procedures for getting the game to recognize more advanced graphics cards.

Another option is to set the game's resolution (either by the autoconfig_mercs.exe file, in the Options menu, or both) to your native resolution, the lowest possible resolution, 800x600, or 1040x768

4. Advanced corrections:

According to Clan Coyote, one way of adjusting some resolution issues is to alt-tab between the game and your desktop. Another trick is to switch to Windowed by hitting alt-enter.

A means of correcting graphics issues also involves accessing the "options.ini" folder and doing the following:
-save a copy of the file and paste it elsewhere as a backup (in case something catastrophic occurs after editing)
-change the line "videodriverindex=-1" to "videodriverindex=1" or "videodriverindex=0"

5. I can't connect to GameRanger:

One trick is to shorten the file name length. GameRanger has issues with long, drawn-out file paths, so adjust your Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries file name simply to "MW4Mercs" or "Mercs" or "MW4." Also, put it directly in your hard drive folder, such as "C." Afterwards, you may have to have GameRanger "find" the executable in your GameRanger game control settings. An optimal pathway is "D:/MW4/MW4Mercs.exe." The shorter the path, the better.

An advanced fix is to open your router ports. You can do this by opening your web browser and typing in You may have to type in a combination of "0.0" and "1.1" if that doesn't work (i.e., 1.1, 1.0, 0.0, or 0.1). In doing so, you should be able to access your router controls. Find the option that allows you to "port forward" and open the following ports:

27998-27999, using TCP/UDP
47623-47624, using TCP/UDP
2300-2400, using TCP/UDP
28800-28809, using TCP/UDP
Game Ranger: 16000 to 16000 using TCP/UDP
Direct X: 6073-6073, using TCP/UDP
Tunngle: 11150 and 11155 using TCP/UDP

This website can better assist you in port-forwarding based on your router's manufacturer, model number, and even game type:

6. I can't get the game to run at all!:

Don't forget that this game was made in 2002 for Windows 98 and XP systems. It's 2016, so you might have some stumbling blocks. However, one way to get many old programs to run is to adjust the .exe client's compatibility functions in its Properties menu.

-right-click the .exe or shortcut, and select "Properties"
-click the Compatibility tab
-in Compatibility mode, select "run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
-in "Settings" click "Run this program as an administrator"
-select "OK"

This may help you run the program to start with. Combined with port-forwarding, this may help you connect to GameRanger servers and bypas "port-restricted NAT" lockouts.

7. Black Screen on GameRanger Launch / Game does not launch!

I had this problem for a long, long, long time with a Windows 8.1 system (and I still seem to have it): I would launch GameRanger, try to connect to a lobby, and get a black screen. Mechwarrior 4 would not transfer me to the game lobby, but I could host my own lobbies just fine. I've recently discovered that Windows 8.1's overzealous User Access Control system might be interfering with my connectivity.

So I disabled it. I was then able to connect...sometimes...

To access your User Account Control, type "User Account Control Settings" in your Start Menu's search field. Select "Change User Account Control settings." Select "Never notify" (the bottom-most option) and hit "Okay." Close the window.

It may take you more than one try to connect to GameRanger lobbies, but this looks like it might be at least partly the solution.


Further tech support issues will be addressed here as they are discovered.

Any problems, speak with Cmeg of Clan Coyote (

Wrench-and-Screwdriver Icon:


I believe you need to reverse the forward / to a backward \ for the computer to recognize the path direction you want it to take.

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WhiteWolfReborn Author

Possibly, but these are the ports I use as well.

In fact, I FINALLY got my Windows 8 system to connect to Coyote's server just moments ago, and I think it was because I forgot to include some ports.

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WhiteWolfReborn Author

Actually, could you possibly teach me how to do that? I'm having trouble myself.

My Windows 7 computer connects-my Windows 8 computer does not. :/

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I cannot for all that is good in this world get it to run. I tried using the autoconfig. It states my Rx 470 is unsupported. The Resolution box is blank. When I start up MW4 mercs. It says my hardware is unsupported. WTF DO I DO.

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WhiteWolfReborn Author

Have you tried accessing your graphics cards controls directly and seeing if adjustments can be made there?

If your computer comes with a stock graphics card installed onto the motherboard, you'll probably have to select that as your default graphics card for the game. Your Rx470 might be too advanced.

Otherwise, there is a .txt document inside the Mechwarrior folder named "VideoCard.txt" that deals with more advanced graphics cards.

Short of that, pop into the Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries Discord server:

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