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The easiest way to replace hides from cooperative mode. Created exclusively at the request of players of the elite force.

Posted by on - Basic Skinning

There are several ways to solve the problem:

1) Replacing files

  • Open: SWATofficerTex, SWATheavyTex, SWATnoArmourTex
  • Replace files: textures, normal map

This Way doesn't fit. The editor can't export a normal map. You will have to create them yourself in Photoshop.

2) Editing Shader

  • Open SWATofficerTex, SWATheavyTex, SWATnoArmourTex
  • We open the shader you want
  • Replace the texture paths and the normal map

The easiest way at the moment. Check this video. You should not have any difficulty with this.

3) Compile the main file to change the name

It's not an acceptable option. You'll probably break the game.

Good luck, officer!

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