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Here's a spreadsheet of all the stats for each of the stock maps

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Tutorial originally written by DGUnreal for the UTForums. Mirrored here for archival purposes.

I thought I would add this information to this thread since it is sticky.
This is the stats for the stock Epic UT3 maps for comparison, if any mappers wish to know how their map stacks up for total primitives (CSG chunks, StaticMeshes, Skeletal Meshes), total triangles and total lightmap size. This information is found on the Generic Browser Primitive Stats tab.

VCTF-Containment has the highest count at 5,635.
WAR-Torlan_Necris has the most triangles at 3,187,579.
CTF-Reflection has the largest lightmap usage at 24MB (24,944kb).

Screenshot 2022 12 28 232901

Screenshot 2022 12 28 232917

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