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You know? The WW2 Weapon Pack is my first mod & my first sprites improvisation, so when I was starting I didn't know anything about sprites & coding (on Slade). Im glad I found these two video tutroials that help me to release this mod, and now I share to you.

Posted by on - Basic Design/Concepts

Credits for "Juancho's MRL" (User who made & submit these videos).

  1. First Video, Spriting:
  2. Second Video, Coding:

First Video:

Juancho's MRL show us how to make sprites in a easily way. He use Photoshop (but you can you use other program as GIMP 2, etc.)

Second Video:

Juancho's MRL starts uploading his sprites to Slade 3 and show us how to coding the sprites in it. Obviously you will need the program mentioned "Slade 3".


If the second video isn't enough for you, try to find answers to all your questions on the zdoom wiki.

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