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A few ideas to help you with missions on the RGB Origins Mod for Men of War.

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RGB Origins Mod
A few pointers if you get stuck (there are some gentle spoilers here - don't read any more if you want the full RGB Origins experience).There are easy mode options for the missions but the mod is designed for normal difficulty (hard difficulty mode on the Kursk salient mission will be only for fans with plenty of play experience and patience - I didn't beat it during playtesting without the editor)

The Wolf and the Bear
The EATGates scene at the fountain is scripted - you can use direct control and aim and fire yourself OR use the click to attack (click a heartbeat ahead of the correct timing if you use the second method - as it takes a second for Max to swing his rifle around) - if you use click method be careful cos if you miss with the first round then Max will continue shooting even after the artillery has detonated [hover one finger over the (s) stop button just in case].

[There is a trap to defuse whilst playing this mission - the key is to search around if your first efforts fail...did you check all the locations where A.I. are about?]

The artillery you use later on is restricted in it's aim and reload - this means you have to stop those T-34s before you commit incoming rounds - try to disable a second tank as it passes the first whilst your artillery timer is counting down and you can hit 2 for the price of 1.

The Ai will repair busted tracks and drive off if you run away too soon. Conserve your PTRD ammo as best you can - it is better to hit a track from the rear as you get a little time to hide while the turret swings round. Two tracks off one tank will take longer to repair than your artillery countdown so a hit is almost guaranteed if you can get the second shot in without getting snotted by the turret.
Tank paths are random at junctions like the Berlin defence in RGB - if you grab a quick save on a runaway tank just before a junction it may alter it's course when you reload and take a longer way round (better than nothing if you're desperate).

The Rats in the Ruin
Don't want to give too much away here cos of the scripting surprises - you are unable to prevent the incoming mortar barrage - just deal with it best you can and keep an eye out on remote squads (morphine use when needed).

The RCR will punish you if you wait for ages to get General Lee battle ready - those troopers just keep on coming and you will run out of ammo before they ever do!

At the front end only the US tankers can crew General Lee but you will see some reinforcements later if your planning has been OK.

During play testing I left JHS outside as he is fairly robust (can take some hits) and his Chicago Piano is brutal against enemy infantry - you do have the option of hiding him away inside General Lee but why spoil the fun?

You will need some go-juice (petrol/gasoline) left in the tank at the end - say 15 or 20 units for the final scene and you need to practise lighting wood cord with a jerry can of petrol and matches to cook up those beans (the proceedure is to drop the cord on the sand, equip a can of petrol in hands and hover over the cord with the pointer [should turn into a droplet icon - click to soak the wood] - then equip matchbox and hover over soaked cord then click to light). The beans are optional but the wood fire practise is useful...and maybe stoke up a few jerry cans or barrels of go-juice from damaged enemy vehices.
Oh and by my info a cord of wood is just over 5ft x 5ft x5ft (128 cubic feet) thats a big load for one man to carry - no wonder it takes up a few inventory squares!

The Panther Hunt
Don't get drawn into a battle too early - build up your reserves for a bit - the point counter ticks up for kills as well as by time so plan to build an unstoppable force rather than squeaking about in a couple of tanks and getting trashed every other field.

Don't leave the recon vehicle unguarded - his 50 cal will sort the infantry out but random tanks are assigned to streak across the map now and again to deliver a knock out punch to the recon team.
Try to use sandbags as a static defence as the RCR coding and scripts will let shells pass thru your heavy tanks to hit the recon if you try to shield it with just armour.

Blast a path thru the field to the right of the start position with the sapper tank early doors before the map gets covered in enemy armour then use that as a safe corrider to the other side of the map.

Only Gregor can activate the dead observers radio and you need to be near to it for the icon to come alive (why's that halftrack circling?) try to get artillery support early and use it to attack the AA guns.

If you shell an AA position try and time it so a Panther is passing at the same time to maximise your value for points (a close pair of enemy tanks is even better!).

The allied support units (green on minimap) are there to protect your reinforcement arrival area - don't try to use them as a basis for a defensive fort as that awesome Vickers 32 pounder will just destroy any enemy it gets sights on - you need to turret slot a few enemy tanks to repair and build up your assault force - the allied helpers will keep blowing every thing up before you get to salvage it properly.

They say elephants never forget - well I say never forget an Elefant! - if you see one lumbering across the map try and ambush him by blowing a track off - if you can decrew then repair an Elefant it will make mincemeat out of any Stugs heading towards your recon team.

Don't engage enemy armour passing by your position unless you need points or salvage - the enemy tanks will pass quietly unless you start shelling them. You only have to deal with fast moving randoms that are heading towards the recon team as a priority - there is NO PENALTY for allowing armour to pass off the edge of the map.

If you have by some chance used up 9 recon vehicle moves make the last move into a field or you will get no more reinforcements for the rest of the game. Try and leave a couple of moves up your sleeve in case you have to make a last minute dash away from oncoming armour - if all else fails run to the Vickers and try to use salvaged tanks to win.

Let your infantry do the spotting for your tanks - load up tanks with infantry hull riders for the final sprint across the map - soon as you take a field dismount some infantry to spot for tanks inbound or your own armour will be at risk. You can't claim a field if there is already crewed enemy armour inside it - you have to fight them first to get position.

There's no time limit so it doesn't matter if you take all night to win and lose 200 tanks! - as long as the recon is safe you can build up from nothing again if you have to (only Gregor and the recon vehicle have to stay alive).

I put the KV2 in for fans who like heavy iron but personally I think 4 x T34's is better value for money - the mission is fast paced and you need a quick turret.

If you decide on SPGs for your force don't forget to set them to open move as well as open fire or they will get flanked.

The entity manager is set on high so you don't get slowdown and clogged with dead enemy - the downside is you need to loot/salvage early before they fade away. Use the eyeball function to refresh any fading tanks you want to keep on a bit longer.

There is no player side switch or fade at the end of this battle - you do get to sweep the whole map clean if you so wish as a reward for working hard to win the mission.
Hope you enjoy playing - feedback any ideas/suggestions to the mod page.


Great, thanks!

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