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How to use the Half Life 2 Enhanced GUI and features.

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New Key Binds and Toggle-Able effects

  • Quick Kick Press "X"
  • Press "/" to enable Dirty Lens. Press "delete" to disable
  • Bullet Time Press "Q"
  • Lean Left "F1", Lean Right "F2"
  • F4 to enable and disable MegaPhyscannon
  • F3 to enable Night Vision (good in Ravenholm and dark places)
  • Press "U" to enable vignette shades and disable dirty lens.
  • Press "." to enable dirtier lens shader.
  • Self Explanatory buttons on main menu.

How to use buttons on main screen:

Press the self explanatory buttons on the main screen and observe very carefully the top of the screen.

Key Binds: Go to the place where you bind keys (movement, combat etc.) and you will find the new features like Quick Kick, Bullet Time, IronSights and Give All Weapons. *WARNING* Do not bind the Give All Weapons unless you know how to precache and compile models to reduce lag. If you do not precache the models, the game will freeze for a long time until Half Life 3 comes out. There are Developer Binds, such as the Fallout over the shoulder 3rd person or the cinematic third person. There is also a key to re-enter first person.

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