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Installation and Starting Normandy 1944:European Theater

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Section 1: Installation
Section 2: Graphics Settings
Section 3: Getting Started/Starting a skirmish match-US starting sequence-British/ Commonwealth Starting sequence-Wehrmacht/Panzer Elite starting sequence
Section 4: Playing tips and strategies
Section 5: Credits

Section 1: Installation-

NOTE: This section might have changed by the release of this guide, due to the release of an auto-installer.. I will add a section to this when that comes….Also noted is that this is for the 3 zip files version, if you DL’d the single pack DL, you will only have the main EuropeanTheater1944 folder to contend with, which is conceivably much easier..

0) Delete any previous EuropeanTheater1944 folder

1) Download all 3 of the zipped files.

2) Unzip zip1 to your desktop

3) Place THE CONTENTS of zip1 into your main CoH directory

4) Do the same for zip2, and zip3 (they will merge into the main EuropeanTheater1944 folder)

5) Open up the main folder and read the readme (also includes installation instructions)

6) Right click on your CoH Shortcut, and choose "create shortcut"

7) Right click on the new shortcut and select "properties" - set the target line to read as the following:"C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -dev -mod EuropeanTheater1944"

8) Rename the new shortcut whatever you'd like

9) Click on "Change Icon" inside properties, and "browse" to find the icon included in the mod folder - choose the N44 icon included in the main folder..

10) Then you're good to go!!

Section 2: Graphic Settings- Very important!!

Due to the size of the mod and all the added content, there is a Significant Change of demand in performance on all computers, no matter what.. Only the latest x64 OS with ample RAM and a decent video card are capable of running “ULTRA”. Because of this demand, our team recommends that you lower your graphics settings when you use this mod, to prevent problems with playing it, and letters/e-mails to us saying how we screwed your whole day up thawing your computer’s many Freeze-ups!!!

These following tips will help you find your "Sweet Spot" For using this mod. -

Keep all the settings other than Shader Quality, Model Quality, and Texture Detail on low or off all the time.
-If you are going to mix factions, we recommend low - maybe medium for a 2v2 where it's PE vs. a US and Brit match - but never high for a mixed faction game. -If your having problems, try lowering other small components such as Sound Quality and Resolution.
-If for whatever reason you are STILL have problems, try making sure that the mod is the only thing on while you play it, as this will free up memory for the mod to use.
-If you get the "Not enough space in Temp folder" You need to turn you graphics down and free some more memory up. This error is caused by the over usage of memory on some computers from the mod. Most likely the culprit of Texture or resolution settings..
-Not all computers can run this mod perfectly, another way to reduce lag is to use maps that don't use a huge amount of detail, or some user- made maps with a lot of “high-drag” extras like bodies, wrecks, and smoke.
-not really a graphics issue, but stay away from maps that have capture-able 88mm emplacements- they will freeze up the game if you attempt or the AI attempts to capture them… A work out to this bug is forthcoming.

Section Three: Getting Started

Now that we have the mod installed and you are ready to play, Start up a skirmish map like you would in Vanilla CoH. Normandy 44 (from now on we’ll shorten it to N44) plays a lot differently, the normal HQ and buildings are still there, there is now different buildings that house each sub-doctrines units, not the same ones with the generic units like again in Vanilla CoH. When you choose a doctrine/division, this will unlock the doctrine’s buildings accordingly. Each doctrine has the starting infantry building, then a supply building, and a support building. When you choose a specific sub-doctrine from the main headquarters, that will unlock that sub-doc’s main building and the second tier of call-ins and abilities..

United States Army- Starting Sequence:

1: When you start up you will see your HQ and a starting group of Engineers. These are your main Construction Engineers that build all base buildings


2: Now choose which doctrine you wish to play as from the company commander screen: For the US, you have the 29th Infantry Division, 101st Airborne Division, and the 2nd Armored Division.



This will open up the first tier of abilities and call-ins.


3: Now go to the main HQ building and select one of the three sub doctrines to choose from:


Now that you’ve chosen the doctrine and sub-doctrine your engineer’s building menu will have all buildings unlocked. You will however, need the appropriate resources to build them. The objective you will notice as you start playing is to immediately get your infantry building up and running and start to recruit some recon/riflemen to go out and secure some resource points, as you would in Vanilla CoH. In N44 however, time is not a luxury you have at the beginning, as the AI is as adept as you are.


There are some things you can do to speed up the process of acquiring resources, and in N44, that is the use of the Supply Squad. We’ll get to more of that in the Wehrmacht section.

4: Repair garage: Many of the doctrines have also a repair garage available to you. Your engineers can build one of these facilities either at the base or in any captured sector, which is the more wise option, lending speedy repairs near the front lines. The repair garage can be upgraded to have repair aura, local engineers will rush out in a radius around to vehicles in repair. It can also produce service teams to reach out to further repair sorties.


British/Commonwealth Starting Sequence.

As in Vanilla CoH, the Commonwealth Faction utilizes mobile command trucks for their infrastructure, N44 uses the same thing, with the differences of the doctrine/sub-doctrine system, which we’ll describe below how to start with the British/Commonwealth.

1: After loading a skirmish match, you will start off with the main mobile HQ truck.


2: In order to produce units, you will need to select your doctrine from the company commander screen. For the Commonwealth your choices are the British XXX corps, the 6th Airborne Division, or the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division.


3: Once you selected your main doctrine, you will be able to purchase from the HQ truck two squads of starting infantry, and the support/infantry truck from the construction menu.


4: Now you will want to choose your sub-doctrine from the HQ truck’s main menu. You have three choices like the other factions, and this will subsequently unlock the sub-doctrines call-ins and abilities from the commander screen.



5: Once you have the available resources, you then can call in the Armor HQ truck from the main HQ truck.


6: Again, like the other factions, you can utilize the supply squad to exchange resources to speed up the process.

Wehrmacht/Panzer Elite Starting sequence

1: The two Axis factions start up like the US does with your main HQ building, and a starting squad of Pioneers.


2: Select from the company commander screen your main doctrine. As Wehr, your choices are the 709.Grenadier Division, the 2nd Panzer Division and the 12.SS Division. As Panzer Elite, you have the 21st Panzer Division, the 91st Air Landing Division, and the 17.SS division.


3: Now you can build the starting Infantry building, the Versogungsdepot (supply Building), and a Divisional Vehicle building. This is done from your starting engineers construction menu.

4: Select your sub doctrine, you will have three choices. That will now unlock the final divisional building and unlock the second tier call-ins and abilities


5: The supply squad acts as a resource exchange system. ( this was tried as a separate building, but was found to be too problematic.) You can take any resource you might have in abundance and trade at an equal rate a resource you might need more of; I.e. manpower for fuel, munitions for fuel, manpower for munitions, etc. It is a good idea to produce one at the start and assign it a Ctrl+1-0 for easy reference in battle. All N44 factions have a supply squad available. They have a low combat value, so keep them safe and close to base. ( at least we gave them some rifles!)Photobucket



Section 4: Playing Tips and Strategies.
-Mechanized units rely heavily on the combination of Armor, Infantry and Mobility. Mechanized Divisions rely very heavily on Transport vehicles, without those they cannot keep up with their Armored units.

-Armor units also rely heavily on the combination of Infantry units and Armor but have access to more powerful armor.

-The armored units are intended to spearhead with infantry protecting the flanks.

-While not as fast as mechanized units, these formations can pierce through heavy resistance without the need of fast flanking maneuvers.

-Light Infantry relies on some kind of support. In most cases elite units are available which offer additional firepowerand special abilities. These formations can attack fast but need prepared defenses to retreat to if attacked by superior forces.

-Every Unit is Hard capped (Limited). Because of the high amount of units their number is hard coded to prevent massive AI spawning. (It was either we did that or you'd have 50 Engineer Squads attacking you. ;) )

-Use Call ins whenever possible! These are a lot cheaper than producing the units and will make large numbers of troops available at once, rather than waiting for them all to build individually.

-Use cover! Move your infantry into cover and put them on hold to provide a source of accurate fire support for advancing units.
You might use tanks as cover but keep in mind that these will attract fire!

-Due to the addition of Realism, most units in this mod will have some form of Anti Tank weapons, so make sure to support your tanks with infantry, or you just might lose it.

-Infantry without cover are very vulnerable, attacks with automatic weapons are especially devastating.

-Do not attack over open terrain using only infantry. If you attack over open terrain with infantry supported tanks, hold your infantry behind the vehicles!

-If the Squad leader (SL) gets killed while ordered to Halt! the squad will remain stationery until a new SL is available!

-Most units have access to transport units, these can reinforce infantry! Put them somewhere behind your lines to support your troops (again keep in mind that vehicles attract fire).

-Never attack a Tank with a single squad and prevent frontal attacks if possible.

-Deploy smoke or try to pin enemy vehicles with fire and the attack the flanks or rear with a second unit.
-Vehicles have a limited field of view (except some recon units). You might avoid attacking a Tank until you reach a good position to do so.
-Recon vehicles can act as an infantry replacement to support advancing armor by detecting targets. This Tactic should only be used temporarily, for it will only work as long as you are fighting against other Armored units.
-Do not use recon vehicles as combat units, they are very thin skinned and lack firepower.
-If recon vehicles are used to support infantry, place them behind your infantry.
-Try to get some form of Recon unit out at the start of the match, it'll help you when your planning on where the enemies weakest line is.
-If the enemy is blitzing you, try going on the defensive but at the same time sending some units behind there lines and capturing key points, this will drastically cut off their supply, leaving you to mop them up and advance.
-All dedicated AT weapons will pierce light armor easily.
-Use support weapons, especially mortars! Tanks have weak overhead armor.
-Mortars are mobile and can wipe-out several units if deployed beside each other.
-"Don't make a nuclear target!" Spread out, Keep some distance between your squad to prevent what was described above.
-If you see red smoke or hear planes or see a golden reticule around your troops, retreat and get out of the area. Entering a building is also not a good idea, and it provides a ready coffin for the squad under air attack.
-Plan for reserves. Have two squads attack, and leave a third behind to act as a reserve. Keep one third of your forces as reserve!
-Use mobile units as reserve units and give them some firepower!
-Be aware of emplacements! Guard your own emplacements!
-AT-Weapons are very capable against emplacements but explosives and flamethrowers rule (flank the emplacement and then deploy these weapons, this is why you have Combat engineers!).
-Direct-fire artillery is perfect to take out MG and mortar emplacements, but keep moving!
-Direct-fire artillery is not very effective against heavy armor!
-Use special abilities! There is a high number of abilities and all are useful (But come at a cost).
-Elite units can do more damage mainly because of these abilities.
-Do NOT charge infantry from a Division that isn't suited to be on the same combat terms as the Enemies infantry into battle. An example of this would be if a US Armored player sent his Armored units Directly at SS units, Make sure that you've got the advantage with a supporting unit, rather than trying to spam the Elite units.

- Try to hone your playing style and marry it with the doctrine most suited to that style, I.e. if you are a defensive “Hold the Line” type of player, pick a doctrine that can build the emplacements and fortifications. If you are a Patton-esque/ Guderian-ish player pick the armored divisions and then choose if you are a frontal assault type player or a fast, mobile recon type.

-Keep in mind the difficulty settings have been tweaked to be more effective. This combined with enhanced AI coding make it very hard on you, the player.. I as a long time player of N44 have many, many defeats at the hands of this AI, and I bear no shame in telling this, as losses can often teach you more than lopsided victories in the end. Don’t get discouraged at the AI’s prowess or seemly cheat full amount of units, They receive bonuses depending on difficulty chosen, but do not receive any more units than you have available.

- HAVE FUN!! This is a labor of love for us on the team, and we strive ever the more each update to bring the best mod possible to the players. We don’t get paid for the long endless mornings testing and modding to enhance N44, we strive to be as historically accurate and as playable as possible in a balance of these two. N44 is also still in it’s beta stage and new and enhanced units are on the way. Feel free to leave comments on the now many outlets we have dedicated to Normandy 1944: European Theater.

-Look forward to a units guide in the near future as well as a unit section on the main website. This will be an easy quick reference guide to costs and hard caps as well as units markings and insignias.

Section 5: Credits

Project Leader

Project Assistants

Revolucion09 (Public Relations/Promotions, Video, Coding Consultant)
CitizenSoldier (Head Beta Tester, Asst. Historian, Forums Assistant, Coding Consultant)
Gamerisin (Sounds Tester, Forums Assistant, Coding Consultant)
Twitchy (Text editor/creator, Forums Assistant)- Readme maker
Whitewolfmxc (Technical Advisor, Tester)
JuggernautOfWar (Tester, Advisor)
Therewasatime (Webmaster, ModDB leader, Public Relations, Historian)
mrempirehimself (XFire Community Group Host, Tester)
Dartborne (Coding Assistant, Advisor)

2D and 3D Skinners



Capt Wildstar


Custom Icons (still WIP)




Skins Included





AI Support

The following provided assistance, advice, or code for the AI

Capt. Combat

Additional things brought over from the Blitzkrieg mod and Battle of the Bulge Mod

Also, Thanks to all my closed beta testers, the community for support, and Relic for the game!

Congrats! You have completed the Basic Training tutorial. Now Go and Die for your Country!!!


"posted by citizensoldier" That makes this mod THAT much better!

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what 3 zip files do you mean???
I can´t find them

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ile: ///C:/Pr ogram%20Files%20(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/Company%20of%20Heroes/RelicCOH.exe"%20-dev%20-mod%20EuropeanTheater1944 is what I get when I hit apply after bring it to that in my steam folder. I just wan to play why do they do this and not just put in one?

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did any of you guys ever get help installing this mod cuz im having trouble too, followed all the instructions and it goes to internet explorer and finds nothing

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i cant change my target line...

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"Congrats! You have completed the Basic Training tutorial. Now Go and Die for your Country!!!" xDDDDD Made my day

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i cant change target line it says its wrong or something

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This tutorial is lacking some new material and strategies about using the Soviet companies and its basic formula to start in a match. I mean you got to have that good start to overpower the Axis starter units, because you'll never know what to counter with if the Axis goes for a Blitz or Tank Rush tactic in the start of the game play. Also ever since the 2.0 update the game play change quite a bit especially the Axis side nowadays Axis can't rely on one type of strategic warfare in the whole game like I used to in 1.7 update anymore it has to be a mixture of artillery, blitz, Tank Rush or Stealth tactics to win a match.

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really great work!!! and really thx for the distance of firing ;) NICE JOB!!!!!
i dont see the sturmtiger ? it's always here in V2 alpha?!!

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