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Mount & Blade Modding Tutorial: How to make skin texture?

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In general, skins must be made from real people, at least in part.

For example, we want to make a skin texture like this:

Step 1: Find an existing skin texture and mark its main features

The most standard skin production process should be to use ZBrush for facial sculpting, then UV unwrapping and then texture drawing. But obviously, as Modders, we don't necessarily use "advanced" tools such as ZBrush, because it requires you to have certain art skills.

So we had to think of a roundabout way to make

The basic idea is to use the existing textures of Mount&Blade to modify, which is the simplest and most direct way.

First, open Photoshop and select an existing skin face texture

2023 05 04 13 29 37 37

Then we need to mark all the feature information of the face texture, such as eyes, mouth, nose, and ears.Use some obvious color, such as dark blue, red or pretty to mark all the facial features.

Here I am using red.

2023 05 04 13 33 49 39

After the marking is complete, we need to import the pictures we need for adjustment.

Open the picture we need, and then use the selection tool to select the face area we need, here I use the "polygon selection tool"

2023 05 04 13 36 50 16

Step 2: Crop the face image from original and adjust it

After selecting the required constituency, a dotted frame in the shape of the constituency will be formed in the Photoshop software.

2023 05 04 13 35 55 02

Then use the Ctrl+J shortcut to copy the image in the selection.

2023 05 04 13 39 05 93

After copying the image, we need to drag the image into our skin texture

2023 05 04 13 40 36 16

From now on, we need to adjust this image to fit our skin texture

First of all, we need to adjust the copied image to a semi-transparent state, so that we can clearly see the facial features we just marked

In the Layers panel, adjust the opacity to say 50%

2023 05 04 13 41 00 50

After adjustment, we will find that the points we just marked can be displayed

2023 05 04 13 43 59 64

Use Ctrl+T to bring up the tweak tool

2023 05 04 13 49 49 79

Drag those blue control points to adjust the size and position of the image

2023 05 04 13 52 28 53

After the size and position are adjusted, we use the "Eraser Tool" in PS to remove unnecessary images.

2023 05 04 13 53 48 15

Step 3: Erase the unused pixels

Choose the size and brush of the eraser, here I use a soft brush to erase

2023 05 04 13 54 26 53

2023 05 04 13 56 14 80

The effect after completion is shown in the figure

2023 05 04 13 57 52 19

This is just a preliminary completion, you can also see that there are some obvious differences in the color of the face and the skin, so we need to modify the overall skin color.

Select menu: Image->Adjustments->Hue/Saturation

We can reduce the lightness or saturation to make the base image consistent with the face image

Final Result:

2023 05 04 14 03 58 41

We need to save it as .dds file, and check it in the warband

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Tasse05 - - 118 comments

Nice tutorial! Could you also post a reference for what it looks like on the character model, please?

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jaminnoel - - 6 comments

Hii can you share the tutorial picture ? Because in my phone and PC i cant found the tutorial picture. Just your writing.

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