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If your game is built with an engine such as OpenFL, Kha or awe6, the HAXE wrapper simplifies the process of getting mods integrated and installing in-game.

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First used by Aground to add cross-platform mod support in-game, the team has open sourced the SDK Haxe Wrapper created for the project. Available on Github, it simplifies integration on game engines such as OpenFL, Kha or awe6. It wraps the SDK available on Gihub. The's getting started guide is a good place to start if you are completely new to and it's API.

Add mods to your game with

Whether your game is built in Unity, C++, Haxe or anything else, you can use the open API to support mods. The steps to get started are:

  1. Add your game to our test environment
  2. Read our API documentation for an overview of how works
  3. Use our engine plugins, API or SDK to integrate into your game and mod making tools
  4. Need help? Our team is available on Discord to assist
  5. Ready to launch? Add your game to our production environment then let's discuss promoting your release

Install instructions

  1. Place the corresponing .dll, .so or .dylib next to your executable. They are located in the Libs/ directory.
  2. Again, place the corresponding .ndll next to your executable. They are located in the NDLLs/ directory.
  3. Import the ModioWrapper.hx file it in your Haxe project.

Once this is done, you can call all the static functions under the ModioWrapperclass. See the Main.hx example for details and the wiki for the list of implemented functions so far.

Any questions? Please ask here or on Discord.

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