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Meteor has built in modding tools. This is how to use them.

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So, you want to start a mod?
The first thing that you need to do is to create a new base folder with a batch file to activate it. The easy way is to use MeteorFE which can be downloaded here:


The had way is to:

  1. Create a new base folder. Call it whatever you want.
  2. Create a new batch file and type in it "meteor -base (your mod folder name)"
  3. In the mod folder create these sub folders: help, MapLists, Maps, Music, Players, ptiles, races, saves, soundfx, sprites, tiles, and weapons.
  4. Go to Meteor/base and copy itemdefs into your new mod folder.

Now you can go in game and edit any file you want with the exception of power ups.

To create new sprites all you need is any art program, even paint will work, but a program that can save is .pcx files is preferable.
Create your image. The transparent color is this (R: 255 G: 0 B:255).
When the image is finished save it as a .pcx if possible, if not, save it as a .bmp and memorize the file name. Open the batch with your mod in it and go to the sprite editor. Press "Import PCX to current frame". Navigate to the place you save the image. If it is a .pcx the file will be visible. If not, type in the file name and extension into the address bar. That should give you a new sprite. Add any other frames that you may want, name it, add a light glow if you want, toggle if you want it passable or not and then save it.

Create and import an image the same way as a sprite with the exception of using the projectile editor instead of the sprite editor. There you can edit variables all are self explanatory with the exception of height. That is the offset distance (in pixels) of the shadow.

All the variables are self explanatory.

Races are the units that are shown in game.
Explanation of type:
Infantry: Turns stationary
Car: Turns in circles
Tank: Turns stationary
Helicopter: Flies over sprites and water. turns stationary
Plane: Flies through EVERYTHING, turns in circles
Boat: Goes through water, turns in circles
Submarine: Goes through water, moves sideways, turns stationary
Gun: Stationary object, use for turrets and stationary guards (WARNING: The AI will fire the weapon at the player no matter the facing.)
If a neutral race is given a weapon, it will fire upon everyone and the AI will not engage it.
The projectile stop variable determines whether or not it can be shot without being in an explosion radius. (Try shooting at the goldfish race for an example)

Player Character
The player character is a special race that you play as. Every weapon that you want the character to use must be mounted on it. The control type "plane" currently does not allow movement. Also, in the weapon mount menu you can cause different power ups to have different effects. For example you can set the pistol to give you a fusion cannon.

Tile Editor
The tile editor has built in graphics but you can still import images (see sprites). It is recommended that you do not modify the "main" tile set (however you can) so create a new tile set and use that. To create special tiles use the "Advanced Tile Properties" interface. The codes are as always self explanatory but the link tile are slightly confusing.
Used: What it changes to after pressing.
Link tile 2: the tile modified.
Link tile 3: what the modified tile changes to.

Map List Editor
Here you can edit map order and music on those maps. The single player campaign must be called "SinglePlayerAndCoop".

Power Ups
These must be edited outside the game. They are in a basic text file in your mod base folder. Follow the variable instructions there.

Map Editor
To use the new materials that you created, go to "Advanced Map Properties" and select your new player character, the tiles that you added should be entered as an extended tile set. For specific instructions, refer to the in editor help.
You can use message triggers to cause special events.
/t:ITEM will take any item, with ITEM referring to a power up.
You can edit tiles in the map editor by right clicking on the tile selection page, however, it has a tendency to crash if you try editing the advanced tile properties. Also, races and sprites are editable through the same method, BUT, do not add a new race or sprite while working on a map. If the new race or sprite is assigned the number 1 then the former number 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3, etc.

Music and Sounds
When adding sounds to Meteor, you can add a numerical ending to the end of a file to tell the game to randomly choose between the file name. (Meteor will randomly choose from example1, example2, example3, or example4,)
Meteor supports .xm .mod and .wav files. It does not support .mp3 files

The intro movie and the campaign completion movie must be .FLC files with "intro.FLC" being the opening and "end.FLC" being the completion. The credit movie is not editable.

Menu Screen
The menu screen must be called "menuback.pcx" . If you do not have have and editor with .pcx capabilities import the .bmp into the sprite editor and export it as a .pcx.

More detailed instructions can be found here:

Happy Modding

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