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Most people read the same webpages every day. Say, a new site, his mail and whatever. You want to place your post on that news site, you need a few advices and how to.. Heres a few.

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This is all about journalism.

What people need is "news", and news is:

1) whatever that has been news before
2) whatever new and cool
3) whatever most people want to read

You absolutelly want to have type "1" news: post updates about your mods, so people know how evolve, and hype will grown. 

About 2: Maybe overrated. Nothing is new under the sun, but If you have something new, try it

About 3: If is interesting, even not gamers will read it, that is a bonus.


Most people are lazy. But the newguys are the most lazy peope on earth. Well.. this is actually false. But If you think is true, your pimping will be better <evil grin>

1) Never give unfinished stuff to newsguys. Give everything finished, readable, spellchecked, etc.. Test your links, too.

2) Never assume the newguys will try the game to test your mod. Are like lazy bastards <evil grin>. Play the game and write "Its fun to play!". You can abuse. Its Ok to write everything, even the player impresions. Newsguys will never do the work, can't really test all mods of all games, are humans, pah... humans!

3) ScreenShots and Screenshots. No one want to read anymore. Give images, avoid text. Everybody LOVE videos. You can update videos to Yourtube so people can check. UPDATE 2008: Moddb has a video section. USE IT DAMNIT!

A sucesfulll pimping lord will have sucesfull news even on enormeous news weblogs, like Slashdot.

4) Try to Slashdot, or whatever. THINK BIG.


This is about the tiny micro-management needed for sucesfull pimping:

1) Save "send news to" links and mails.
2) Mail news suggestions often. I hate stagnate weblogs.
3) Get hired yourself as newguys on weblogs that you want to ab^H^Huse to post your news.

4) Make friends, and fun with this stuff.
5) Being evile its ok, but be POLITE its more important: french kiss everybody.
6) Screenshoting is a art. Videomaking with music is a art

This tutorial its BETA. I accept suggestions to enhance.  I am still waiting suggestions (this was posted in oct 2004)

Now continue reading about this topic on this tutorial:

getting-the-first-impressions-right. <-- VERY GOOD TUTORIAL!

INtense! Staff

English skillz is appaling :D but the tutorial is very relevant and insightful.

As a newsie myself i have to say we are lazy... we bascally glance at what you send us.. if its any good we post it without second thought!

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Over my whole life, I've mastered the laziness to the extreme!

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i can't understand half of it.

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cant the spelling in this tut b corrected?

and i was a new guy for a few years, i dont feel i was lazy, i dont alot of editing and chasing and spell checking, i made everything nice!

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Is he communicating through bablefish? :)

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