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Creating wind sounds using a FREE synthesiser, plus some extra ambiences using old fashioned foley techniques!

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Creating wind sounds using a FREE synthesiser

The other day I began working on some ambient sounds for “Eldest Souls”, my current project as audio designer. If you've read my previous articles (here) you'll know I want to avoid buying stock library sounds wherever possible.

I decided to use my voice, a FREE software synth and a couple other ingredients in order to achieve this as you’ll see in the short video below…

As you can see, the synthesiser alone creates a fairly realistic howling wind, with the simple practice using an LFO (low frequency oscillator) and the “noise” wave (the static sounding tone you hear on empty TV channels and poor radio signals). Add my voice on top with that characteristic “whistle” and you have yourself some wind!

My favourite part by far was recording the bacon (plus I HAD to eat it after… such hard work, i know).

Following on from my previous article (here!) I’ve been making more sound effects for the “Guardian” boss appearing in our demo.

As the “Guardian” nears its death, and its health reaches a certain point it switches to an “enrage mode” in a last attempt to stop the player (definitely not fans of Dark Souls or anything!). I had to create a sound for the squelchy, tentacle like limbs which spawn out of its back, resulting in a whole new range of deadly moves.

Video below shows I came up with the foley for this new sound.

Thanks for reading!! If you’d like to see more short foley videos please visit my Instagram or Facebook!

You can download TAL Noisemaker here for free.

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