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Revised Left 4 Dead 2 mapping tutorials for 2020.

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Uploaded all of the videos to LBRY. Will add embed codes if/when ModDB allows the LBRY url. Feel free to join LBRY using my invite code. Auto subscribes you to me and starts you off with more LBC.

Episode #1 - Your First Room

In this episode we will look at creating a room and basic Hammer controls.

Episode #2 - Props and Weapons

In this episode we will add a table to place our weapons, medkit and ammo.

Episode #3 - Checkpoint Doors

In this episode we will create the door from our starting point and a little hallway.

Episode #4 - Ladders

In this episode we extend our hallway and add a ladder.

Episode #5 - Visibility

In this tutorial we will take a quick look at visibility and how to optimize our levels. With more to come in later videos on optimization! We will also take a look at adjusting our lights to make the world darker.

Episode #6 - Nav Mesh basics

In this episode we will create our initial navmeshes so our AI can follow us and director can spawn zombies!

Episode #7 - Lightmap Resolution

In this episode we will look at Lightmap resolution and how to sharpen our shadows. We will also look at how to view/debug our lightmaps inside of Left 4 Dead 2.

Episode #8 - Skyboxes

In this episode we will setup our skybox for our level.

Episode #9 - Terrain

In this episode we will look at how to create terrain for our level.

Episode #10 - Water

In this episode we will add water to our level.

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