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This guide should walk you through the installation of Forgotten Hope 2.

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Current FH2 version


How can I play?

Just follow this comprehensive tutorial kindly made by @Slayer:

Or, if you prefer a text version:

Step 1

Install the game by downloading the standalone installer from one of the following links:

Torrent: Standalone.torrent
Google Drive:
md5: f5c499a9df42c7a279e450fe5b1569a9
SHA-1: ccb93e9690faff8617129f5b3e135259df4c66b4
SHA-256: 2fa8f5af8efa9c647beee9017e8221e1280826dd7bfd2fdb92f86e22d3f360e7

Step 2

If you have Windows 10, just mount the downloaded ISO image file by clicking on it. Otherwise, you will need to install utility for mounting disk images first (we recommend WinCDEmu:

Step 3

Run fh2_setup.exe, follow the installer instructions and proceed to step to step 4

Alternative Step 1

We strongly discourage you from using Battlefield 2 copies obtained from unofficial channels (i.e. not CD retail version, Steam, Origin or former installer) as those may be outdated and disable you from playing online. Your installation must be patched to version 1.5 in order to play FH2.

Alternative Step 2

Once the Battlefield 2 is installed, the latest version of FH2 can be obtained through the FH2 Launcher:

Alternative Step 3

If you have problems with the FH2 Launcher or if you want to do offline installations on another PC, then you can use full installer:
Part 1: Hope 2 2.57 (1 of 3).exe
Part 2: Hope 2 2.57 (2 of 3).exe
Part 3: Hope 2 2.57 (3 of 3).exe

Step 4

Lastly, before jumping into the game, you“ll need to create an account. In order to do that:

  1. Open the launcher by clicking on a Forgotten Hope 2 desktop shortcut. Press PLAY, and once the game loads, click on the BFHQ, then on Manage Account. Fill all the required fields (email address isn’t important, just make it up). Important notice: make sure to write down the password, as this is the only way you can restore your account!
  2. Start the launcher again, but this time navigate to OPTIONS submenu. Open Gameplay tab and select newly created account from the dropdown Login as list. In the same tab you can adjust various game settings to your liking.
  3. Now all is set and ready for playing. You can join servers via several options: from the in-game browser or by clicking on the joystick icon next to the corresponding server in the SERVERS submenu in launcher or from this page:

Step 5

The CMP Mappack was added into the rotation of the public servers recently, you can find more details and the installation guide here:

See you on the battlefield, soldier!


Cant download cus it says access denied.

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