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a quick tutorial to increase the amount of RAM Dawn of war(or any other game) can use to stop it from crashing due to "lack of RAM"

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First of all, make sure you have a 64x Operating System and that you have more than 2GB RAM, preferably 4GB or more. Second, you need to download this little software needed to edit the executable (soulstorm.exe), CFF explorer: After downloading it open the CFF explorer and top left click on 'file', then 'open' (or just on the big folder image beneath it)
a new window should open, browse to your DC(or Soulstorm or any other game) .exe and double click it or click it and then open
on the left side there should be a list, under 'Nt Headers' should be "File Header' click once on it. now in the panel on the right, all the way to the right bottom there should be 'Click here' click it
finally a small window will open with a bunch of options u can check or uncheck, look for 'App can handle >2GB address space' and check it. then click Ok and save it ('file' top left, then 'Save'.)
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Originally posted on the FoK forum, but because the thread there got deleted i thought id post my Tutorial here :)

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LOL man who plays these types of games now a days.

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Uh...he lot of people still play Dawn of War you know.

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those that don't wank off on COD

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