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How to survive in Resident Evil : Alternative Chronicles

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Since the mod is pretty hard, here is a tutorial that should help you surviving the campaign.

The Campaign

The first thing that you will notice is the fact that there are fix camera angles, like in the first Resident Evil. In mow, it's a little bit more difficult to move your character then in the original RE
Here are some tricks :

- Use the direct control to move your character (press "end")

- When you face an ennemi, I strongly recommand you to use the normal control mod. So push again "end", and shoot the zombie with your mouse.

- You will run out of ammo really quick. But there is a lot of stuff hidden in mansion. Keep your eyes open to find it, or use the button that allow to highlight the item (too easy I think)

- In the garden, don't forget to take the flashlight if you want to survive in the forest.

- In the underground labs, your CAR-15 is a lot better then the M16A4 of the Umbrella guards, so don't change your gun, specialy at the end.

- Always in the underground labs, you will find your shotgun in the case next to the save zone.

The Mercenaries :

For more information on the 4 playable characters, check the features section.
The only trick that I can give you, is that when you run out of ammo, look for ammo boxes, where you will find ammo for all the diferents weapons (you can easily find them with their exclamation mark)

Gonna put more tricks soon ...


And a little side note, when you're clicking the zombies to attack in the campaign, click their heads,will save you some ammo.

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Foxboro Author

You can add this trick on the post

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altruissaintfire Online

umm Im having a hard time when entering doors I keep going back and forth everytime I go near the door.

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