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With few easy step, in five minutes, you can create a dedicated server that runs SWM:TGW mod, for free*! *You are allowed to start a server with it, make a map for it, but not modify it.

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Server setup:

You can run our
mod freely on your sever, as long as you respect the rules ("What you are ALLOWED /NOT ALLOWED to do" section).

Here is the step
by step instruction to make a server, we have already done the difficult part
for you.

1) Download the server side package on our website

2) Extract ebus_mw_gw to your server directory

example: C:\cod\

sure you have all mod contents and cfg files in it.

3) • Go to your [call of duty directory] and copy what you see in the
picture below only to [codserver directory]:

Go to your [call of duty directory]\main and copy what you see in the picture
below only to [codserver directory]:

4) •Extract "EBUSIANGAMERS_SWM" shortcut file to [CoDserver directory]

For example: C:\cod\

it if you want to

[Right Click] -> Properties

+ In
"Start in" box, type in you codserver directory (for ex: C:\cod\)

+ In "Target" box, search for set net_ip
and type in your server IP address. Also, replace "C:\cod\" by your codserver
directory name.

5) Go to "ebus_swm_gw" folder, open "ebusswm_server.cfg" and edit.

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