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You want to play SWM:RW on UO. Here is the instructions how to set it up correctly. In this tutorial, you are allowed to modify WHAT IS SHOWN IN THIS TUTORIAL ONLY. Apart from that, any modification of the mod is forbidden and may result the discontinuation of the mod.

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There are few easy step for you to follow:
• If you are client:
Step 1: Download and Install SWM:RW for CoD 1

Star Wars Mod: Rebellion Warfare 1.1 (OL)

Step 2: Locate the mod in your drive (default : [Your drive]\Call of Duty\ebus_swm_gw\)

Step 3: Create a new folder in the same root of "ebus_swm_gw" folder and rename it to "ebus_swm_gw_uo".
e.g(default settings): In "[Your drive]\Call of Duty", create a folder named "ebus_swm_gw_uo" and copy all the content found in "ebus_swm_gw" to this folder

Step 4: Open the "zzz_ebus_smw_client_v1.pk3" using WinRAR and delete "animscripts" and "animstree" folder

Step 5: Copy the landspeeder.pk3 in "ebus_swm_gw_uo"
You are done!

• If you are server admin:
Step 1: Download the document here to create a server

Star Wars Mod: The Documents

Step 2 : Repead 4 steps shown above in your server folder
If you have any problem, contact us through steam (ebusiangamers) and we will provide direct support with TeamViewer.

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zzz_ebus_smw_client_v1.pk3 doesnt show up

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