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Everything you need to make a video game at no cost is readily available. Here are the resources, links and information you need to get it done. I am not talking about making some silly little game here. I am talking about making an actual 3d world that you can explore and game in. The games you can make are very similiar to the games like Quake of Half-life. Of course a lot of graphic artist expertise and time goes into these games and your video game won't look as nice as the professional game

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Here is a screenshot of a room that I made for a video game. This is exactly what you can do. You will use this exact same software and I have a free tutorial that takes you through the exact steps to make this room. I show you how to build the room, place the columns, insert the textures and modify the lighting. Can you see the creative potential here? This is just one room that I made and all of these objects are variable and available to you. You can create anything your mind can imagine. Wouldn't some kind of an altar be perfect in between the columns or maybe a picture on the wall.What you need to make a video game - The Software and hardwareChances are good that you have the computing power you need to make a video game. If you are browsing the internet and have foundl this page then you are probably all set. The software we are using is freely available and it is not the latest cutting edge stuff which means it should run fine even if you have an older system. Here are the Operating systems it runs with : 32-bit MS Windows (95/98) , All 32-bit MS Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP)

  • The Software we will use is called the Genesis 3D Game engine and one of the great things about this software is that it comes with a completed game already. It is called GTest and if you want to get an idea what a game can look like you should take a look at the screenshots from GTest. This will motivate you because you can do the same thing! GTest sample screenshots
  • Start my tutorial here, and on the second page of that tutorial you can also download the software right from my website.
  • Want to learn a bit more about the Genesis 3D game engine? Here is the Wikipedia article
  • Get some textures for your game. Textures make all the difference in a video game. Good looking textures accent the game and bad textures can make it look amateurish. the Genesis 3d engine comes with textures but you will want to make your own textures and get more which are freely available. The texture shown here is of grass. You can do an internet search and find many textures ready for your game. You can also create your own textures but you have to tile them so they smoothly piece together in your game. I have a tutorial on how to tile textures properly here. If you are totally new to making video games don't worry about textures and tiles for now. You can create some games and then as you understand the process better you can hunt around for tiles and textures and even make your own. For now, all the textures you need come with the Genesis 3D software.

If you have trouble with the Genesis 3d Software this is a nice alternative:Use The Reality Factory Game Engine - The Reality Factory is a software program that is designed on top of the Genesis 3d Game Engine. It has a lot of nice enhancements and is easier to use. Genesis 3d, as a stand alone application sometimes has trouble with WIndows Vista. You may want to use Reality Factory instead. I like it a lot better. And I have a complete tutorial on it.reality factory gameThe New tutorial - I have finished a New tutorial that Uses the Reality Factory Game Development software. Like the genesis 3d Software it is totally free and it actually uses the Genesis 3d Engine at its core. this software is pretty Cool! This screenshot shows the single room I made within my first half hour. This tutorial is complete and free. Reality Factory Make a video game tutorial Updates and further developments to Making Video Games with Other SoftwareThis topic of video game making has become so popular that I have created a website and domain devoted strictly to the topic. On the domain you will find resources and tutorials on using Genesis 3D, Reality Factory, FPS Creator and other software tools. You should check it out Make-Video-Games.comStart Using the Development Software and Create some small WorldsThe software is very intuitive and easy to understand. It is very similar to making the blueprints for a house or a city.This is the major workspace in the software. The four large squares are different views of the game -top, side, front and 3d view. The blue squares inside these four areas are a room that I created. With the click of a button we can take a look inside the room. Easy enough isn't it? Now we place items in the room and apply textures to the walls, ceiling and floor. This is very easy to do. The software comes with lots of prefabricated items such as columns, boxes, chests, trees, plants, lights, ladders and you name it. This illustration here is the exact room you saw at the top of this page (the pic with the columns and red lights. Now lets place a player in the game and play! Placing your game character or other characters such as creatures to fight against is also very simple - Almost as easy as placing the textures and the columns. This illustration shows a variety of options. The Models tab is where you would select your models (characters) to go in the game. The great thing about this system is that the models are fully built and they come with behaviours such as jumping, running, shooting etc. You can just insert the pre-made model and you are ready to go. Of course, as you learn how to use the software you can manipulate the behaviours of the models so as to make them do what you want them to do. You can even create your own models that look like anything you want and behave in any way you want.With the click of a button you can compile your newly created game and run it as a full-fledged video game. Here is a sample of a quick one-room game with you as the player in first person shooter mode. The bright red flash in the middle of the screen is you shooting your blaster. Something like this simple single room game can be made in about an hour. After doing a single room you have a basic understanding of how the game is made and you can easily create many rooms in different shapes and sizes and put them all together to create a world. You can even do outdoor environments with no problem at all. The only limit here is your imagination. The picture here shows two room side by side. The yellow arrow shows where we will cut a doorway between the two. Put textures in the room, add objects like carpets, tiles, lights and anything else and you now have a two room game. Keep doing this process and add more rooms and before you know it you have a full game world. Looking for an easy way to create a 3d game fast? FPS Creator - This software allows you to make your first simple game in less than a minute.
FPS creator is a complete game making system that is almost all drag and drop. It makes first person shooters and is very easy to use. You have to buy the software but they have a free 30 day trial period that allows you to see if you like it. Check it out on my new website. Or go directly to the FPS Creator tutorial Animation with MilkshapeUse Milkshape to make your own game models - Milkshape is perfectly tuned to work with Genesis 3d and Reality factory. It is a program you have to purchase but it has a 30 day free trial that will get you started making making models for your video games.The Milkshape Tutorial

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Neo Axis 3D is pretty awesome too, it's very simple and good looking engine, try it

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a really simple stupid, but fun one is 3d game maker or doodle game, they cost some money but are super cheap

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