Post tutorial RSS How to kill Darth Nihilus/Darth Sion

This is a detailed guide that will really help new players beat these hard to kill people.

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Below are some jokes, then it gets serious

Poison Their Vegtables

Darth Sion likes Carrots. Darth Nihilus likes Brussel sprouts

Push them off a cliff

Nothing more said.

Eat them

I don't support cannibalism but this method works.

Enough Jokes! This is how you do it

Use Grenades, the Force and Drain Life.

The force is your friend and so are grenades. Also how did I beat Malak? I drained that muthaf*ckers life! Same thing. Lightning also will help you, and when you fight Nihilus choose your companions carefully.


You want to have "Force Resistance" or "Force Immunity" to prevent his Death Field from causing to much damage. Quite honestly by the time you reach him he will be EASY to kill!


Nihilus on steroids.


The first time you fight him, Kreia will tell you to run away because you can't kill him yet, so you only fight him for a little while. Just keep on attacking then eventually she'll tell you to run away.

The second time you fight him, just keep on attacking and eventually you'll break his spirit and then you can kill him.

purgations - - 180 comments

in 2015 you post this guide..... come on buddy, if youve played the game youve beat the game this isnt that much of a guide...

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brynmawrphil Author
brynmawrphil - - 10 comments

Dude, why so rude?

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1kon - - 306 comments

It does seem odd that you posted this in 2015. There are tons of guides/walkthroughs/videos on this fight and the whole game. So I'm not sure why you felt you had to post this. But w.e., more help can't harm anyone.

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