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Install Portal's content onto the updated Portal 2 engine and learn how to work around game-breaking bugs you may encounter while playing it. This tutorial is compatible with the newer SteamPipe system. (Installation instructions are Windows-only)

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Sorry about the weird line-breaks. They looked fine on the preview. Oh well, you'll survive.

If you liked Half-Life: Source, then you'll LOVE Portal: Source 2, the port which gives HL:S a run for its money in terms of functionality broken from the original game. Better yet, there are absolutely NO objective graphical enhancements in Portal: Source 2!Seriously, though, this is best as an experiment. If you want to play Portal, play Portal. You do get a few reskinned models and replaced textures playing the game like this, but the problems outweigh the questionable improvements. Still, it's fun and interesting.

Please note that I am not responsible for any damage to your Portal 2 files caused by performing these instructions. I recommend that you have a backup of your Portal 2 folder, especially your save file, before you follow this tutorial.

I'm not responsible for anything else bad that happens, either, but I don't see how anything else bad could happen. EDIT: I wouldn't recommend playing your copy of Portal 2 online after doing this, though - it might trigger VAC. If you want to play online, delete the "hl2" and "portal" folders from your Portal 2 folder, then verify your game cache.
To install Portal on the Portal 2 engine:1. Make sure you have Portal, Portal 2, and the Portal 2 Authoring Tools installed and updated on Steam.2. Install the latest version of GCFScape from this link: Open GCFScape, click File>Open and browse to your steamapps\common\Portal folder.4. Go into the hl2 folder, and open the file hl2_textures_dir.vpk5. In the right-hand-side pane, right click on 'materials'.6. Choose Extract and in the dialogue box, browse to your steamapps\common\Portal 2 folder. Click on it, but don't click OK.7. Click Make New Folder, then type hl2 and press Enter.8. Click on hl2, then click OK.9. Click File>Open and open the file hl2_misc_dir.vpk10. Extract everything in that into the hl2 folder.11. Repeat for hl2_sound_misc_dir.vpk and hl2_sound_vo_english_dir.vpk (if you speak another language, extract the hl2_sound_vo_[language]_dir.vpk file as well)12. Go back to File>Open, go back to steamapps\common\Portal, then open the 'portal' folder inside, then the portal_pak_dir.vpk file.13. Extract everything except 'resources' into a new folder called 'portal' inside the steamapps\common\Portal 2 folder.14. You can now quit GCFScape. Open the Portal 2 Authoring Tools, and double-click on Face Maker.15. In Face Maker, click File>Rebuild scenes.image... and then quit.16. You can close the Portal 2 Authoring Tools now. Open up Windows Explorer and browse to your steamapps\common\Portal folder.17. Open the 'portal' folder, then copy everything inside 'maps'.18. Browse to the steamapps\common\Portal 2 folder.19. Open the 'portal' folder there, then 'maps', and paste the files, but don't replace anything.20. Launch Portal 2, open the Developer's Console, type 'snd_rebuildaudiocache' (sans quotes), and press Enter.21. Once the dots of the loading screen turn orange, open the Developer's Console. It probably won't open first try; press the button periodically until it does.
To play Portal, type 'map testchmb_a_00' (sans quotes) into the console, then press Enter.
Kleiner (for those of you not familiar with the Half-Life series, he's the guy who keeps saying "Oh, fiddlesticks! What now?" whenever a sound file is missing) gets really annoying in the escape levels. :P
To play the advanced chambers, type 'map advanced' into the console without pressing Enter, and you will see a list of advanced maps. Click on one, then click Submit to play it. Please note that I haven't tested the advanced maps. If you have any issues, let me know in the comments. If you know the solution, send it in; if not, tell me anyway and I'll try to find it.
If for some reason you want to see the title screens of Portal as rendered by Portal 2, type 'map background1' or 'map background2' into the console and press Enter.
To work around game-breaking bugs you may encounter, use this guide:
Test Chamber 02The doors at the beginning of the chamber never open.This is because the game opens them when GLaDOS finishes speaking, but as she doesn't speak, this never occurs.To open the doors manually, type the following console commands:ent_fire entrance_door_left_a_a01 openent_fire entrance_door_right_a_a01 open
The portal device, while on the pedestal, fires portals that don't link to the orange portal.I have no idea why this happens, but to work around it, type the command 'give_portalgun' in the console, then shoot a portal on the wall.Fall down and collect the real portal device if you want.
Test Chamber 05The exit elevator never moves.This is similar to the door problem from Chamber 02.To start the elevator manually, type the following console command:ent_fire a02-a03_elevator_body startforward
Test Chamber 11The portal device never shoots onto the unstationary scaffold.This is because the portal device's entity in Portal 2 faces in the opposite direction to that of Portal 1. The game thinks it is avoiding the energy pellet receptacle.To work around this, stay on the platform with the switch on it, then shoot a portal to either side of the door leading to the energy pellet. Go back to the orange portal and make a tricky jump onto the platform with the portal device.
Test Chamber 16Just like Chamber 02, the doors at the beginning never open.This is for the exact same reason as that chamber.To get around this, shoot a portal at the base of the door, so that the wide edge is facing the door. Then, shoot the other portal in the bottom left of that one. This is called a portal bump glitch. If you did it right, the second portal will be on the other side of the door. Go through to start playing.
Test Chamber 17The companion cube never drops from the dispenser.This is also because GLaDOS doesn't talk.To get the cube to drop, type the following console command:ent_fire box_dropper_model_cover setanimation open
Test Chamber 18Once again, the exit elevator never moves.This is for the same reason as in Chamber 05.To start the elevator manually, type the following console command:ent_fire a14_a15_elevator_body startforward(By the way, the use of an underscore where in Chamber 05 a dash was used is not a mistake. The elevator entity names are inconsistent.)
Escape Area 01The rocket turret that is meant to break the glass doesn't move.I'm not sure why this happens, but the rocket turret entity has been broken in recent updates to Portal 2. The mod Aperture Ireland features semi-working rocket turrets, but I don't know how they were set up, nor if the problem can be fixed without modifying the map.To work around the issue, once you reach the room with the rocket turret, place a portal on the floor so that the long end is facing the glass window showing the turret. Shoot a portal into the bottom-left corner, performing another portal bump. Once inside the room, repeat with the other window.
The third window you get to is problematic, as the floor on the other side is not concrete (as in, you can't shoot portals on it).
Type 'sv_portal_placement_never_fail 1' into the console, which will allow you to shoot portals anywhere, then portal bump onto the other side.
You're then supposed to use the rocket to break a hole in the tube.
To replicate the effects of this (which is unnecessary given what you need to do next) type 'ent_fire relay_broken_tube_effects trigger' followed by 'ent_fire broken_tube_box_spawner_1 forcespawn' into the console.
Because of Portal 2's changed controls and the size of the cube, you can no longer get into the vent with the cube.
Instead, shoot a portal on the ceiling of the vent, and go through your other portal, crouching. Once you get to the other end of the vent, you no longer need sv_portal_placement_never_fail, so if you want to play fair, type 'sv_portal_placement_never_fail 0' in the console to turn it off. There's not much left to use it on at this point, anyway.
Escape Area 02The game crashes before the level finishes loading.I haven't the foggiest clue why this happens.I also don't know how to fix it. I deleted a strange file related to the map that none of the other maps had, but this didn't fix the problem. If anyone knows how to play this level, please explain how in the comments, as it is the last level of the game!


I can't justify doing this chore, and have it with a very buggy and glitchy conclusion, considering you could just DL the original game and play it.

However, this could work with some "actual" modding effort.

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Here's a fix for the rocket turrets: Before activating the rocket turret, paste the command "ent_fire npc_rocket_turret settarget !player" without the quotes. The rockets probably won't move when fired and the laser doesn't show, but at least it targets the player

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