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How to install Return of the Dawn - it's so easy you should be able to figure it out on your own, but since I'm a nice guy I'll explain it anyway.

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OK, be prepared.

1) Download the latest "Lite" (only a few music tracks) of "Full" (all music) version of ROTD.
1.1) If there is a patch with a higher version number than the full version has, download it as well.

2) Now extract the downloaded "lite" or "full" version into any EMPTY folder of your choice. ROTD is completely stand-alone. Do NOT! put it into an existing TS installation.
2.1) If you have downloaded a patch as well, extract it into the same folder. If you're asked wether to overwrite an existing file, do so.

3) double-click the RTD.exe inside the folder to launch the mod.

That's it.

FiremariomkiZX - - 81 comments

It's saying its missing a .dll for some reason when I try to open it.

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RighteousFighter - - 1,991 comments

running with administrator should work

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Sir_Engy_I - - 22 comments

I did that and got greeted with "Error - Unable to set video mode."

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Sir_Engy_I - - 22 comments

the video mode error is fixed, but whenever i go to options/skirmish, i'm greeted with nothing but the background image

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