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While I'm working out bugs and getting a working menu setup, here's a workaround to playing a very old build that introduces you to the mechanics for I.B.M.P.G.

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Download and install the game once the download becomes available.

You can choose to run the game on the post install screen, or alternatively you can go to the Win32 folder inside the default directory. Default is C:\UDK\Rocket Jump PreAlpha\Binaries\Win32
Double click UDK.exe and allow access for any UAC prompts that appear.

When the client launches, you must head into Instant Action to choose the map and gametype.
It is important to follow this as documented so you don't wind up with the UTDeathmatch gametype on a default map.
1. Select the Map. Choose RKT_Lvl1
2. Select Gametype. RocketJumpGameInfo
3. Start Game

And that's pretty much all there is too it.

When the 31st rolls around, I'll have an updated menu that will eliminate this guide, and aim to include 2 complete levels for testing and feedback.
I'll post updates here, and I do my best to respond to any inquires you all might have.

Thanks for your interest, and I look forward to getting this out the door!

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