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How to install and play Sun Valley in Fallout: New Vegas

Posted by on - Basic Starting a mod

Step 1: Download
Frist downlaod all three parts of the mod.

Step 2: Install
Next place all the files you just downloaded in the fallout new vegas data folder and merge the folders if asked.

Step 3: Download FOMM(optinal but recommended)
Now if you want, and I recommend it. Download Fallout mod manager from the website and install it. If you do download FOMM open it after you installed it and place a cheack mark next to SunValley.esp and click Launch Fallout new vegas then have fun and play.

Step 4: Start Sun Valley
If you didn't download FOMM, then launch fallout new vegas like normal. when the launcher apears, click data files and place a check mark next to SunValley.esp and then click play, then just have fun and enjoy!

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