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Use this guide if you have no idea how to use .Twi's SDK.

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SDK2 by Twi
Basic Instructions


Of course, start by going to the download section and getting the Raven Shield Unofficial Software Development Kit.


Important basic information:

- ToolBelt is an all-in-one tool that streamlines the compiling process. Type HELP in ToolBelt for a list of commands.
- You can find sample mod source code in the Goodies folder.
- The 1.56 source code is UBI's actual leaked code, and a valuable resource for any modder.
- In the Goodies folder is a document on hooks, explaining how to get your code into the game.
- All code for mods you are compiling is to be placed in the Code Environment folder.
- This SDK contains some copyrighted material from UBISoft. Please respect this copyright and release anything you make for free!


Getting started:

ToolBelt is an all-in-one tool for compiling mods in Raven Shield. It replaces the old tools in my original SDK.

Type HELP at the prompt for a list of commands.

The commands NEW and COMPILE do the same thing that the old SDK tools did - one creates a project according to your parameters, and the other asks what project to compile.

COMPILE2 will compile whatever is in the ravenshield.ini. To edit this ravenshield.ini, type EDIT and modify the EditPackages list however you like. Regular COMPILE command ignores this ravenshield.ini, and only compiles the single project that you specify.

Note that COMPILE command will automatically place the compiled file in the main folder, but COMPILE2 will place created files in Code Environment/System folder, so you'll have to go get them.

To exit ToolBelt, type EXIT.



ToolBelt supports multiple versions of code. It includes 3 different versions:

1) Regular 1.56. This is the version that was leaked years ago, and the majority of mods are compiled with. It fully supports importing textures and interdependant packages. The Ordnance Project is compiled on this code version.
2) Regular 1.60. This is the version that was released with my original SDK. It compiles 100% working 1.6 code, but cannot import textures or use interdependant packages. Sentinel anticheat is compiled on this version.
3) Hybrid 1.60. This version is previously unreleased. It is an experimental version that I've been using to compile 1.6 code along with full texture support. For advanced users only. Mercenary 2 mod is compiled on this version.

To change the version you want, type HELP and then the command listed there for the version you want. Version 1.56 is the default version. Most modders will not have to change this.


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