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Theses tutorials will explain you how to extract the skybox from the game Max Payne 1, edit them with an images editor (like Photofiltre, Gimp, Photoshop, ...) and then insert them back into the game. It is also possible to replace the original sky textures by better ones and to increase their resolution up to 4096x1024.

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If there are People who want to try creating even better skybox textures for the game, here are 2 tutorials :

Tutorial 1 : This video tutorial explains how to replace the skybox textures in Max Payne 1 :

For example, here are a few examples of what you can do with this method (Showcase test) :

The customized sky and skyline textures in my mod Noir York City for Max Payne 1 have been created with this method (Sorry if the video is a little too dark, but Max Payne 1 is very old and it was complicated to record it correctly. That said, the video is bright enough to see the visual changes).

Mod Noir York City v1.5 (Showcase video - What you can do with more advanced textures modding) :

Tutorial 2 : This text tutorial also explains how to replace the skybox textures in Max Payne 1 (It is for use in complement of the video tutorial) :

Text tutorial which explains how to modify Max Payne's 1 sky textures

NB : And when I have the time, I will try making a tutorial which explains how to replace the normal textures (like for example the textures which recover the buildings' walls and also items).


Wow that looks lovely great to see Max Payne modding still going strong.

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