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How to download and install Duke Nukem Red Alert using TortoiseSVN.

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Download TortoiseSVN from here -

Install it, restart your computer if asked.
Make a new folder anywhere on your computer. (Mine is E:/SVN Folders/Red Alert)
Right click on the new folder and click "SVN Checkout..."
Enter " " as the URL and leave the other options as is and click "OK"
Once it has finished downloading DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PLAY IT IN THIS DIRECTORY
Instead, right click the folder and go to "TortoiseSVN> Export "
Choose the location you would like to play DNRA in. I placed mine in (C:/Duke Nukem/)
Then click "OK", it will then export the folder to the directory all you need to do once it has
finished exporting is to place a copy of your "DUKE3D.GRP" in the folder and read the readme!

To update your copy of DNRA is even easier, right click you SVN folder you made and click "SVN Update" (No really thats all you have to do)
If there is an update available it will download it, once it has finished downloading just export the folder as you did above.

A video tutorial on how to use SVN is located here if my explanation was terrible. Just remember to use the URL above and not the one shown in the video.

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