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This is a tutorial for how change the Music in your favourite Game!.

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You need the this for the tutorial:

-A music with your favourite music in format .wav (.wav is a music file similar to .mp3)

-WinMPQ Program to add the music in your game


First Steps:

1-Serch your music and rename the file to "terran3.wav ", "terran2.wav " or "terran1.wav " is your election.

2-Open WINMPQ.exe

3-In WINMPQ, click "Open" and serch Broodat.mpq in your StarCraft Folder, select broodat.mpq

4-Click in "ADD" and serch your music

5-Add the music, you music need the name "terran3.wav ", "terran2.wav " or "terran1.wav "

6-In the next window paste this "music\"

7-Close winmpq.exe

8-Open StarCraft Broodwar and play with terran.

9-Enjoy the StarCraft Enhancement!

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