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you can also make a trigger_push in the water to make it work more realistic

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"the tutorial in text"

1. i will show you how to make water like this

2. use the nodraw tool

3. make a block were you want the water to be

4. select the top of the block

5. "use the militiawaterbeneath" -texture (if the texture is not there download it HERE)

6. now click on the overlay-tool

7. type in "river" and select this

8. make it on the water and manke it fit

9. now you done!


I'm guessing this is only for Counter Strike Source?

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You can also create your own texture. (I assume that without the trigger_push, nothing push the player)

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Roasted-Salmon Author

you can just use pakrat to put the files into the map or you can use GCF-scape to put the files into your mod

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