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A mod like THE CORE which resides in the sourcemods folder of your steam installation needs some special treatment to be able to run with your hydra controller.

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I came across a forum post on the sixsense hydra controller product in which a user described a problem launching or playing the mod with a hydra.

It seems that you need to declare a certain variable in the gameinfo.txt which accesses valve's component for the hydra. You can view more details here. Danny from Sixsense posted an immediate fix that you can apply in order to play the mod.

I don't think I can pledge to make a new installer that will replace a file in your base game dir yet because that would be intrusive. I'm going to see what the sixsense guys/valve are going to come up with before I do any update. They could pack a gameinfo.txt that has my mod declared but this is a bit un-transparent because third party mods shouldn't have the need to invade main game files. Because then every time a guy releases a mod, sixsense is going to have to patch their gameinfo.txt

It's all a matter of what Valve is going to do. The future for modding/Mapping for portal 2 might split into 2 directions. At one side you are going to have the simplified ingame map editor which will enable users to make a per map base custom puzzle experience. Yet they can still continue to support full mods like THE CORE. I like to hope that they will support it in the addons / VPK system. But it's also ok to support it further in the direction that I took with THE CORE, namely an outside sourcemod. But there needs to be clear support for that. Now I also have heard rumors that It doesn't work well on mac.

So let's see what brings.

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