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How we create assets by drawing on paper and then afterwards we create a pixel art asset with Pyxel Edit.

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Concept to Finish

What I start with is by making a rough sketch. Something that envisions what I want the finished asset to look like. Something to get me started and to use as a reference and so far it has worked pretty good. Going in and creating pixel art without is completely fine, though for me it is easier to see a bit what I am trying to create before going in and trying to create it.

Planning Phase

I have a notebook to draw in and a couple of pigment liners to draw with. That is probably the most important step being prepared with a couple of reserve drawing tools. I look at a picture for reference when doing buildings, finding references in real life is great. Looking where noone else looks is a great way to be a bit more unique, not saying that we are unique but might help you other developers and hobbyists!

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This is a typical drawing that I make. Trying to figure out how I want the building to look in the game. Thinking about perspective, what the building should entail and what story it wants to tell. This diner wants to have a coziness to it. People sitting outside drinking their coffee, eating their food. A social place.

It doesn't have to be perfect it just needs to capture your vision. It can make your work easier to plan ahead. It isn't dead necessary just a nice touch. I prefer doing it the traditional way with pen and paper. However the method you use is not that important.

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Blocking out phase.

After I have done a concept, I want to take it the next step and this is where I try to "block" out the picture from paper. Where I can adjust the plan before finishing up the asset. I draw mostly lines to get the shape and structure of the object I'm drawing.

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The concept on the left is the vision and on the right is in the program, making some adjustments. If i like the look of how it will be when it is more finished I stick with it. Later all these black lines will be replaced, since most of the pixel artwork I do is without an outline.

Finishing the Asset

After I have the outline I fill in the colors, remove the black outlines and add detail. When I do my pixel art I decide in the beginning of the project how many shades and highlights I'm allowed to use. This time around I keep it to about 3 shades and 1 highlight. depending on the shape of the building. At the very least I use 2 shades and a highlight.

Since this game has a slight left perspective, so you can see the left walls. Instead of going for a complete front perspective. Mostly to give a sense of depth in the game. Down below is the finished asset tiled up in Pyxel Edit. Since it allows me to do tiles of all the buildings, I can easily create buildings that are bigger and smaller with the use of tiles. On this project I use 64x64 tiles this building is cut up into 3x4 pieces.

Cafe Diner

I will go into more depth on each of the steps with perhaps a video showing each step in the process. But this is a rough look at how we create the assets for Indie Developer Survival. This is what they look in the game. It is quite similar to the concepts that I have made so far!

Newest Screen


wow looks great

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Thank you Ziv!

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Great! Good luck with this! :)

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Oh how sweet of you and thanks! =)

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