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This tutorial is for those,who don't like free-fire or don't know what to do with SRAW

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If you really like AT weapons,but do not know how to use them,this tutorial is for you.

First run the game with desktop shortcut or through community/own games.
Next,choose the map,run and spawn as AT.
You see the new weapon here.Has same icon as teargas and is in eighth slot.
"And what am I supposed to do?Gas them to death?"
Wrong.Choose it and fire ( with angle about 60 degrees ) .
See?No gas.It's a flare launcher.
Now switch to your AT Tube, and fire straight ahead.Don't fire directly on the flare.
See the effect?Now wait 10 secs and you will be able to shoot again.

What now?Three words:Teamwork with Bots.
Yes,yes.Those retards.
See,I made Bots use that system.But that is simple,as I'm not a kick-ass coder yet.They only launch the flares.But you can utilize ( did i write it right? ) it.
First wait for bot to run out of ammo so he will use the FL.Or just wait until enemy gets in a vehicle.

WARNING:If those idiots fire multiple flares at the target,ignore them all.Let someone else take care of vehicle,as SRAW or Eryx can target multiple heat sources at the same time.It will just fly away and probably hit any mountains or fly off the map and detonate on another server.

After the shot,wait for the flare to reach about one meter above vehicle or half meter above infantry ( infantry's heads ) .Then take the shot ( with your anti-tank weapon ) .Enable voice-chat and say loudly "FORE!!!". Vehicle needs two shots with an AT Tube,so get ready for another shot.

TIP:After firing the tube,quickly change to other weapon and switch back to AT.This is a bug which allows player to make the minimum time to reload disappear.

Next is defending your mates' vehicles.
I know they don't deserve that,but if you don't wanna win...
So,the only you have to do is switching to FL and fire it up ahead.Enemy bots won't use the flare system ( I didn't meet that ) .Even if they will,they will first lock on their flare,but missile will later lock on yours.Well,that's all.This tutorial is just an introduce to the system,you'll need to improve your technics by yourself.Anyways,thanks for attention.

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WARNING:That tutorial is not up-to-date anymore.I can't delete it for some reason.FTS has been removed.

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