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These tutorials takes you from a blank scene to a finished web game in simple easy steps. All materials and programs are freely available. Including Source Code.

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Starting from scratch with 3DVIA Studio.

In the search for the right tools to make a game? Are you are gamer like me, with a passion for games but not at all familiar with programming? Welcome to 3DVIA! Where you will find tons of free tools including a 3D modelers and a 3D games engine called 3DVIA Studio.

3DVIA Studio allows you to build interactive 3D quickly by using Building Blocks: encapsulated segments of programming code that can be connected like legos to each other in a visual interface.

In the following Tutorials we take you from a blank screen in 3DVIA Studio, to a fully playable web game that can be embedded on your own website!

That's right: 3 Tutorials = published webgame
Cost= $ 0.00

So without further blabbering here we go. Video's are currently hosted on Vimeo but I will try to add them soon to Moddb.

Tutorial 1
From Start to Publish:
3DVIA Studio Webinar: From Start to Publish from 3DVIA on Vimeo.

Tutorial 2
The Webgame: Skeeball!

Tutoria 3
Finishing Touches.
Webinar - Finishing Touches: Hands on with 3DVIA Studio from 3DVIA on Vimeo.

Please visit our forums or post here if you have any questions. Also let us know how we did :) and what other tutorials we can create for you.

Free 3D Source Code

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