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Getting exposure for your game via Twitter is easy if you apply this one, cost-free tactic.

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One, Simple Tactic for More Indie Game Exposure

Un-targeted followers for promoting your brand are usually a waste of time...

If you use Twitter, you've gotten or will get the firm offering to sell you thousands of followers for $20.00 or so. If you just want followers...ok then, works...maybe. BUT if you're promoting your indie game or service, targeted followers are the only way to go. Here's one Twitter "guerilla" tactic getting them without paying a dime to a shotgun approach follower mill.


Step 1. Optimize Your Profile

Ensure that your profile on Twitter is optimized for promotion with links back to the main page. Here's an example from @deadriotgame:


Your profile should include a good avatar and banner, what the game is about, and where to go for more information.

Step 2. Target & Identify Likely, Future Players

Within Twitter, search for any existing game properties that are similar to your indie game (Puzzle, Shooter, RPG, etc.).

Step 3. Follow Your Competitors / Those Who Have Similar Interests

"Whoa, wait, what? Follow my competitors? You're nuts."

Nope. When you follow a competitor or similar game property, your nice, optimized profile appears on their followers page...a promo for your game / brand to players who already like games similar to yours.

This is what it looks like on their followers page. Click to see live (scroll down):


"Ok, fine, but that won't really get me a boat load of followers!"

True. However, you've identified targeted probable players, as opposed to shotgunning your way through.

Step 4. Follow Your Competitor's Followers

When you follow your competitor's followers, they'll get a ping that you followed them. If they like the game / genre from your competitor, chances are high that you'll get a follow back.

Step 5. Re-tweet Something from Someone You Followed

Re-tweet something of importance to those you follow, including your handle. When you do this, the probability of them re-tweeting your tweet...going out to their follower base is high. Voila, compound marketing for your indie game and brand.

Be honest and genuine...or it won't work.


That simple process has helped us at RobinSage get a ton of exposure for our game. It takes work, it's worth it...and you won't be out twenty bucks for fake followers.

AND REMEMBER....NEVER Spam or bad-mouth another property / brand. You can kill this whole process by being a self-promoting tool and get blocked as a bonus.


Yes, there is one. No, you don't have to buy anything. You DO need to join this group to get it though. Once you do, shoot me a message and I'll message it back. Let's me know that indie folks are finding this sales and marketing stuff beneficial. This is the only group on SlideDB that I could find that focuses on selling and marketing your game...and I'm happy to help!

Cheers & Good Luck,


Sales & Marketing Director

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