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Alright, for you who wish to have an accurate description of this mod's features, this is for you... for you to create! I'm posting this up here and allowing everyone to edit it as well as including an example of each item, and the format you should post and items specs in. I WILL be checking in to make sure its correct and tidy. If it becomes to much hassle, I'll just delete it, you have been warned. Now get to work!

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Fallout 3 Reborn (V4) Guide

Last Updated: July 16 2009 by Slayer_2

*All values were found in the fallout3_reborn_v5.esp using the GECK*


Chinese Assault Rifle: name = AK-47, dam = 20, firerate = 12, clip = 30, value = 600, weight = 10
Victory Rifle: name = Barrett M82, dam = 250, semi-auto, clip = 10, value = 900, weight = 30
Minigun: name = M249 SAW, dam = 25, firerate =40, clip = 200, value = 500, weight = 17

5.56mm: name = 7.62x29mm, rounds = 30, value = 2
10mm: name = 9mm, rounds = 12, value = 1
5mm: name = 5.56x45mm NATO, rounds = 100, value = 1
.50 Caliber: new item, rounds = 10, value = 5

T-51b Power Armor: name = unchanged, weight = 70, DR = 100, value = 10,000, health = 1500
T-51b Power Helmet: name = unchanged, weight = 15, DR = 100, value = 3000, health = 300

Jet: name = Methamphetamine, weight = 1, effects = +50 AP for 6 min
Buffout: name = Steroids, weight = 1, effects = +3 endurance, +5 strength and +100 HP for 4 min

Stimpak: name = Adrenaline, weight = 2, effects = 120 HP over 2 min, 250 head and torso health over 50 sec
Med-X: name = Morphine, weight = 1, effects = 250 leg and arm health over 50 sec
Rad-Away: name = Radiation Dialysis, weight = 3, effects = 300 rads removed over 5 min

Apple: name = unchanged, effects = 150 HP over 15 seconds.


7,92mm!? why? The real ones are 7,62x39mm (for AK47). Also they are smaller cartriges made for AK74 - 5,45x39mm and they are 7,62x54mm for Dragunov sniper rifle. Are you aiming for 'realism' or what? Dude you have to change this '7.92' into '7.62'. Belive me dude, I know the Russian weapons. No hard feelings I hope ^^

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Slayer_2 Author

Hah, its a typo. My bad, if you play the mod, you would indeed find out that it is 7.62x39mm for the AK and 7.62x54mmR for the Dragunov.

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is this all the changes there are? if ur wondering i havent played the mod yet, tho im finishing downloading everything right now... but due to my low attention, i prolly wont find most of these guns.. except the russian ones, cause thats just me :-)

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Slayer_2 Author

No, this page was supposed to be like wikipedia (updated by a bunch of users). But of course, no one stepped up to the job, and I spend all my free time modding or hanging out with friends right now.

Also, all this info is probably way out of date, don't trust anything read here.

Also, all these "new" guns are replacements for the old ones, so unless you play Fallout 3 without any firearms, you're gonna have to use some of them :P

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