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An overview on how to export a Gamemaker Studio project to Linux (from Windows) and also how to set it up on Steam.

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I was able to export my Gamemaker project to Linux, then get it on Steam. (GameMaker Studio 1.4)

For Gamemaker Users:

1. I used Virtualbox to create a virtual installation of Ubuntu (14.04) on my Windows system.

2. I followed the instructions about how to prepare Ubuntu to receive your Gamemaker Studio exports, here:

3.Note: I did not successfully install the YYC options, I think it's because I used a 32 bit version of Ubuntu. Frankly, I have no idea what YYC does.

4. If you have the virtual machine running, Gamemaker will send the game to your Ubuntu desktop when you hit the play button (assuming you've set up Gamemaker's preferences correctly)

5.Note: When running the game in a virtual machine, it will run reeeeeeaaaaaally sloooooooooow. Also, the ctrl button did not seem to be released, and the rocket kept shooting lasers. Later, I found that ctrl was a hot-key for the VirtualBox program, and I was able to get it to work correctly.

6. In GameMaker, export application for Linux, select .deb if you want to install it on your Ubuntu machine or distribute it for other Linux users.

For Steam Devs:

7. In Gamemaker, create the application, but select .zip format from the drop down.

8. I had to create a new Depot, assign it as Linux/Steam OS, and publish the changes.

9. Then in the "Builds" section of Steamworks > Steampipe, I used the Beta: Upload Depots as Zip thing, since my game is smaller than 256MB. For those with bigger games you have to use the steamcmd SDK thing. I think you would have to run it through your Linux/Ubuntu machine, and I can't help you there.

10. After uploading, I assigned the new depot under my beta build.

11.Under Installation > General I added a new launch option. The executable produced by Gamemaker is called "runner" and has no file extension. Launch Type - Launch(Default) and Operating System - Linux + SteamOS

12. Publish again

13. Under the "View Associated Items" section, you need to assign the new Depot to the package of your choice. Ultimately this should be your Store Package, but I have only done the Developer Comp package so far.

14. Now you can open Steam in your Ubuntu machine (you need to download it from the Software Store thingy) and install your game for testing. It still runs slow, but everything seems to work great so far.

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