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This a tutorial explaining how to download and install the Tatooine In conflict Beta map.

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In case the readme was confusing to people (people were messaging that they were have problems) this is a full tutorial of how to download.

1. Download the 1.3 patch here and run the installer to wherever you have Star Wars Battlefront 2.

2. Create an addon folder and put it in your Starwarsbattlefront2/Gamedata folder

3. Install my map.

4. Put the TAW folder in your addon folder and if it asks to overwrite (in case you have the original) accept.

Javitolo98’s model Installation

1. Go to your Starwarsbattlefront2/gamedata/data/lvlpc/side folder

2. make backups of imp.lvl and impshell.lvl

3. Put the new files from the models folder in SIDE

Have fun! ;)

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