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A detailed list of new assets added (both game objects and new folders & files).

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New game objects:
- Car2
- Minimap
- Minimap2
- Main_Camera2

BTW, the number 2 denotes the number of player that controls the object, so:
Player 1: Car, Minimap, Main_Camera
Player 2: Car2, Minimap2, Main_Camera2

New files and folders:
/Scripts/JavaScripts/OrbitCam.js (Rman's)
/Sound/GarrettLindquist_TheTwoAssassinsMeetRevmp.mp3 (Garrett Lindquist's)

Note that there were some minor changes done at the loading of the project (for Unity 2.6) that weren't noted. Mainly conversion changes, such as changing minVolume/maxVolume to minDistance/maxDistance, and fixing some of the textures that were somehow lost.

Also, somehow the icons (that you can set in Project Settings -> Player, Icon tab) don't work, the excellent freeware program IcoFX was used to set the .exe icon instead. Just make an .ico file with IcoFX, then choose Tools... -> Resource Editor, open the game .exe file, and then choose your icon. The default icons for the game are in the CarEdu playable version, in the folder CarEdu_icons.

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