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Left 4 dead doesn't automaticly plug custom sounds of a custom made campaign within the addon vpk architecture. The sound cache needs to be manually updated with the extra dirs and files of our sound dir before the level sound scripts can access them and produce sounds. In this campaign it is very important to have a fully working sound cache because there will be many story elements told to the user via voiceover.

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To make custom sounds working in Dead Before Dawn / Left 4 Dead 1, do the following:

Method 1: (for users that do not have the development console enabled ingame)

1, Make sure you have Dead Before Dawn installed (this is very important) (click the vpk if you downloaded it from any source available on this mode page and double click to install it to the correct folder.

2, Launch Left 4 Dead

3, In the options > multiplayer menu, enable the developers console

4, press the ~ key and the console will appear

4, type snd_rebuildaudiocache and wait from 10 to 30 minutes (you will see a progress bar)

5a, When the progress bar is full, open the console and type quit and relaunch the game, you are now ready to play

5b, if your game freezes press ctrl+alt+del, and bring up the task manager (bottom option of the ctrl+alt+del screen); Choose the processes tab and right-click on the left4dead process and end it.

Method 2: One-Time solution (for those who don't intend to use the console)

1: Right click left 4 dead in your steam games list and select the “properties” window

2: Choose “configure command line options

3: insert +snd_rebuildaudiocache and press enter

4, Launch Left 4 dead. You will have to wait 15-30 minutes for the progress bar to completely fill as the soundcache is being rebuilt.

5, If the progress bar is full and the game seems frozen press ctrl+alt+del, choose the task manager (bottom choise) and choose left4dead.exe from the processes tab and kill it (right click, end process)

6, your soundcache should now be built for dead before dawn.

Things to remember when playing those campaigns are:

  • If you are done playing a campaign with custom sounds it is always best to quit the game and restart it if you want to play stock campaigns again (no mercy, dead air etc). Otherwise you will often not hear the SI's musical cues.

  • You might hear custom music/sounds of one campaign sudenly being played in another campaign when you light zombies on fire. This is something we have absolutely no control over and is not an issue caused by our campaign but with the game's soundcache system.
  • Some parts of certain soundscapes (like wind, water, elevator shafts or airpport backgrounds can be heard when you play another campaigns. We also have no control over this.
  • Sometimes when you have to restart a campaign, the soundscapes stop working correctly (environment sounds like water wind etc)

I hope we made it a bit easier to play dbd as it is intended.

mckool - - 186 comments

10-30 minutes???!!!!

Jeez! Valve needs to fix that! What a discouragement. If I am sitting down to play I do not want to wait that long and therefore I am more likely to avoid it and either play something else or skip loading the sounds. (I've actually already played the entire campaigne without knowing this and wondered why the radios didn't work). I would assume others probably feel the same way.

I hate it for you guys because I know you put alot of hard work in. I will try to be patient and follow this procedure to hear the difference but this is definitely discouraging. I hope Valve fixes this or other mod teams might give up on adding different sounds.

Great campaigne though guys! Fantastic work!

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CosmicD Author
CosmicD - - 125 comments

It's 100% better in l4d2. There, we can generate the database for our sound dir before we make the vpk and just include that cache file ^^

But yeah, it's something that chases you for ever and ever because it's just not userfriendly for players who just want to play and arn't sourcenerds who want their console present all the time :P

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Tempest_Wales - - 110 comments

You don't need to Ctrl+Alt+Del to exit. You just need to type into the command console "quit", and the game should close.

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CosmicD Author
CosmicD - - 125 comments

yeah, but i'm telling it it's an option in the case that people don't want to use the console so they have the routine for it....

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spikesden - - 14 comments

I found a better way to rebuild the sound cache
1 in the console type snd_rebuildaudiocache
2 wait until the loading bar reaches the end about 5 mins
3 just try pressing the console key again untill the console opens
4 type map credits press enter once the credits have loaded then press esc & exit to main menu
5 enjoy the full sounds

I do this anytime & load left 4 dead before loading any map you can always tell when it's finnished rebuilding the cache as the menu music will appear to be stuck in a loop & once the music continues the rebuild has finished I just do task 4 & 5 above

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CosmicD Author
CosmicD - - 125 comments

We notice time and again (because of the "bad" reviews we gat on this in l4dmaps) that people struggle with this somehow, so the methods are constructed to be clear and useful to people who arn't used to it.

Still we have allot of confusion because of this. I guess we'll almost have to wait untill the l4d2 version until most of the folks can enjoy our custom sounds. (unless valve fixes it in l4d1)

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mckool - - 186 comments

Good News! The patch they released yesterday lists this issue as fixed in the patch notes! Yay! I will have to give it a try tonight!

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Panzerfaust59 - - 1 comments

Is it normal that the game has no music at the end of each chapter and in the final chapter when this is the end (survivor in the truck) ?

I've made snd_rebuilaudiocache and the game has crashed (return to windows) is it why i have no musics ?

If i want to reinstall Dead Before Dawn, can someone tell me how to delete the previous install ?

Thanks !

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