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Dark Gates from release 0.4.2 is able to accept user created language files and support other languages than translations provided with game. Game itself is not required in this process but in order to test it a copy of game will be useful. This tutorial describes a simple steps and rules in order to create functional language file. This file can be loaded into Dark Gates to support language of your choice.

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File is a simple JSON dictionary which is presented in plain text. It is very important that all text is saved in UTF-8 encoding. Language files are not supported in other character sets.

File name format is [country code].lang . Game will accept a filename with *.lang postfix so you can have few versions of translations but only ones with country code can be accepted if you are submitting your work into official release.

Things You'll Need
* en.lang.template - example file in English with all required lines of text Get file from here
* Text editor able to save your work in UTF-8
* Copy of Dark Gates for testing (not required but highly recommended)

File contains 6 segments: "dictionary","magic","traps","monsters","spells" and "items_desc".
First five segments are pretty straight forward:

"magic": {
"blessing" : "Blessing",

You are translating only right hand string so it will end up like this:

"magic": {
"blessing" : "Segen",

Above applies to "dictionary","magic","traps","monsters" and "spells"

"items_desc" is bit more complex. Lets use as a example "scroll":

"scroll" : {
"result1":"This is a very old scroll that",
"result2":"tells of ancient legends.",
"result3":"It's worth a few gold pieces.",
"result5":"The Scroll contains a curse.",
"result6":"The hero accidentally incantates it by",
"result7":"reading this scroll. the curse falls only",
"result8":"on him. The hero is bleeding.",
"result9":"This is a very old scroll.",
"result10":"It contains a very powerful spell",
"result11":"called God's Wrath. The hero can now",
"result12":"cast it.",
"line1":"The party finds an old scroll",
"line2":"on the ground.",
"line3":"Choose a hero to read it"

This segment contains description, three results sets and title. Translation is required in right hand strings for result1 to result12, line1 - 3 & title.

Three blocks of results are : result1 - 4, 5 - 8 and 9 - 12. Each result can be spread across 4 strings but if translation not requires so much then just leave an empty string like here shown in result4. Each result string can have max 52 chars including spaces. This sometimes vary as fonts used in game are not mono sized.

Submit your file
If you believe you have done an amazing job and would like to see your translation bundled with game, please submit your .lang file to me by email to bart[at]

DFour Games cannot guarantee of your file being distributed with game but know that we will definitely look into your work and contact you to discuss this matter.

Frequently Asked Questions
Below you can find some answers that might help you.

Q. Some characters from my alphabet are not shown correctly, what do i do ?
A. Please send us an email about it. Fonts used in game may be missing your special characters and we will look into adding them.

Q. Will i get any money for translation ?
A. At this point DFour Games do not offer any rewards apart from eternal gratitude. If your work will end up in the game, you will be credited accordingly in game credits.

Q. Can I have a free copy of a game in order to test it my work ?
A. Sorry by no.

Q. Can I submit partially translated language file ?
A. We prefer to wait and see whole translation done.

Q. I think I have found a error in existing translation, can you fix it ?
A. By all means send your feedback.

Q. What alphabets Dark Gates support ?
A. All alphabets based on Roman Letters, see :

Copyright and License
Any translation submitted for distribution with Dark Gates must be submitted under Creative Commons license described in here :

Woodoochild - - 31 comments

Hello there,

I'm thinking to work on the french translation. :o)
Do you have someone on this translation


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Braqoon Author
Braqoon - - 61 comments

Hi Juan,

Game is fully translated to French already since 0.4.0 version.


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