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This tutorial offers an inside look at the process behind our character concept art. Check it out!

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Hey Everybody, today we thought we would share some of the design process behind our characters. Also, don't forget to like and share our Facebook profile and IndieDB page!

Iron Star - Infantry Rifleman Silhouettes Set 1

A lot of our designs start with simple silhouettes. In games, it is particularly important to have strong and instantly recognizable shapes. We started with a WW2 theme in mind with the idea of steampunk enhancements.

Iron Star - Infantry Rifleman Silhouettes Set 2

Concept Art and developing games is all about throwing out a variety of ideas and then making specific design choices.

Iron Star - Infantry Rifleman Silhouettes Set 3

Silhouettes offer a lot of information for a low time investment, so they are a great way to quickly get a variety of designs going.

Iron Star - WW2 Infantry

We decided to develop some realistic WW2 soldiers first, because studying from life always inspires better designs.

Iron Star - Infantry Rifleman

Then adding in steampunk elements really brought a unique flavor to the character and finalized the design. A front and back view makes this piece ready for the 3D modelers to do their magic.

Thank you all for taking a look at our post, stay tuned, because this Saturday we are going to have a big reveal that will explain more about our game, No Man's Land.

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Keep gaming and have a great rest of the week.

_w_ - - 6,176 comments

I like the thumbnailing and overall style of this mod.
Also as a belgian its pretty damn sweet youre including them and actually take them serious as a military force, they tend to be overshadowed in WOI..

Also vincent im so glad i tracked you.. wouldnt have found out about this mod otherwise. ill try to spread the word, good job!

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VincentVanHoof Author
VincentVanHoof - - 117 comments

Hey thanks!

Just to clarify, this is not a Mod. We are building this game from the ground up in Unity. And yes, as a Belgian myself - I really feel like Belgium should get some more exposure and be taken more seriously as a military force. They will be quite awesome in the game.

I'm glad you tracked me and are enjoying the content. We will have a ton more updates soon. Thanks for spreading the word, everyone at Black Howler Studios really appreciates it!

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_w_ - - 6,176 comments

Sorry a bad habit on moddb xD, yes obviously its your own game..

I totally agree.. we can be far too modest, in fact during the industrial era Belgium was the 4th world power relative to our size. Obviously we got rich by exploiting congo ruthlessly as well, that might be reflected in the game idk xD i dont have anything to say anyway xD
What i will say is that the Minerva armored cars were very decent for its time and an interesting base design for a steampunkish vehicle. I mean a high quality car manufacturer like Minerva and FN herstal and you have a pretty neat base for a fictional belgian spinoff army right? xD

Really exited for this... all the luck to you black howler studios :D

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VincentVanHoof Author
VincentVanHoof - - 117 comments

Yeah, that's a pretty interesting idea. I'll bring the car idea up with the team, could actually be pretty neat. Our main vehicles right now are obviously tanks, as well as some other cool stuff we will be revealing later.

Thanks for the support man, stay awesome!

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_w_ - - 6,176 comments

No problem :3

and i mean this looks pretty damn sweet for a steampunk design xd

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javierandooo - - 13 comments

Vamos a ver que tal queda de momento el planteamiento queda bien veremos la finalizaciĆ³n.

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