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40 minute long tutorial divided into 5 videos. The tutorial shows the entire process of me modeling an M14 battle rifle.

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I've been wanting to make a 3d gun tutorial for some time now and finally got around to it. I modeled an M14 battle rifle and screen recorded the entire process. The gun took about 1 hour and 20 minutes to make. The edited video is 40 minutes long, was divided into 5 different videos, and uploaded to YouTube. I'll most likely be making a 3d gun animation tutorial to go along with this.

Part 1 (Basic outline and barrel):

Part 2 (stock and making the gun curvy instead of flat):

Part 3 (rear sight, front sight, trigger, and trigger guard):

Part 4 (Finishing the iron sights and creating the clip):

Part 5 (Bolt and ejector):


Nice Series.... Could've done a big video! but still very good tutorial helped me improve alot on my modeling! Thanks m8!

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ArchDukeInstinct Author

You have to be a YouTube partner to upload videos over 10 minutes long. Plus with such a long video, it's probably best to divide it into parts

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