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This guide will quickly show you the basics of the armour role, when you need to lead a direct push to the enemy.

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Armor Role Guide

This video playthrough shows the intended strategy

If you follow the techniques used here and develop yourself, you should be able to effectively use armor in MW Mod, however it WILL take practice.

P3ACE753 - - 651 comments

1) So I press "E" (for special AT rounds) then click on the enemy tank to attack him? 'Cause not those HEAT rounds wont do any damage?
2) That means that "R" is for the smoke screen, right?
4) Does the APS tell me when I need to press "Insert" (to re-activate it)?

Thx in advance

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Heaney Author
Heaney - - 961 comments

I know there's a comment below, but I'll answer this WITH QUOTES from the actual article.

1) "The tank will automatically fire HEAT rounds, but these are NOT AS EFFECTIVE against enemy armour as the APFSDS rounds you manually fire from the ammo manager."

2) Yes, R is for smoke screen. But you can still just use the defensive ability button...

4) "You will be told if this happens."

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sofa87 - - 32 comments

i new 2,01 mod is the same or is not.

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aloha2436 - - 119 comments

1) HEAT rounds will hut enemy tanks, but not much. APFSDS rounds slice through tank armor like it's not even there, doing /massive/ damage.
2) Yes.
3) List fail.
4) You will receive a warning, yes.

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ThatBritishBloke - - 394 comments

"Note: This guide was written in British English- some words are spelt differently." Sir, for this I salute you.

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Heaney Author
Heaney - - 961 comments


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p*a*t*t*o*n - - 690 comments

lol, you mean there's a different kind?

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admiral9 - - 441 comments

i have noticed 1 thing isn't it way easier and cheaper in the late game to just drop you main battle tanks then you only need to buy crews and you can fastly overwhelm your enemies with main battle tanks isn't that right

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Heaney Author
Heaney - - 961 comments

Sorry I can't understand what you are saying.

Please try to rephrase your statement...

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painkiller12 - - 1 comments

he says that in the late game, when you have already developed and received quite a lot TA, you can simply order MBT from non-destructive TA menu, and you only need tank crews to get inside them to gain control of the tank.
I dont think it's the best way to play. those drops may be ordered if you are being overwhelmed and you need MBT in seconds... then you order Airbourne and MBT via TA and you get a ready-to-go tank.

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chema1994 - - 16 comments

Maybe you should put in this tutorial, how to use Stryker MGS (I mean blitzkrieg tactics) and T80 (long range ATGM support)

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Heaney Author
Heaney - - 961 comments

This is just the basics.

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DrawFreak - - 8 comments


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TehSTIG - - 2 comments

I recently downloaded this mod and do enjoy it, but I cannot find the UAV or the F-22 (i think that's what it is based on the picture in your videos) in the tactical aid menu. They do occasionally appear as my units on the bottom of the screen but I never called them in (since I can't find them) and I can't control them.

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m1a1driver - - 16 comments

tell me why i literally stare an ATGM in its ugly wire trailing face as it runs smack on into my tanks? the aps just ignores it. it pops smoke, but when its close enough for the trophy it doesnt do anything. Refleks and mavricks are the only missiles ive seen stopped by the APS. the russian infantry always tear me to hell with their launchers

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