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The ArmA series squad feature is not very well known among the players, for it be a little complex for the masses. Here you can find a tip and a small tutorial how to use the feature with a online host, the Squad Generator.

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Well, we all know about the Squad XML, where you can edit some nice features that will appear on the multiplayer, such like the Player Remark and even a logo for your squad. The problem is editing and uploading, for the people who are not very good with this type of things, there is a new handy Squad Generator, where you can upload your squad logo in .PAA and .JPG.
It can be found here
It works for every game of ArmA series.

You just need to create and account, get the Player ID, and all the rest is optional. You can create a squad for two people for free, but with a small donation you can expand your squad.

How to create:

You need a Squad Nick, a small tag for your squad, the Squad Name, the name of your squad, the Squad Email and the Squad Website are not required, but also an option.The Player ID you can find on the main menu under: Player Profile > Select the profile you want > Player ID; Player Name, your name, Player Email, Player ICQ and Player Remark are all optional. The Remark could be a small citation, or something funny to say, your motto, etc.

The squad link will be generated, you just need to put it on the Squad URL

Just like in the screenshot.

This is how it is going to show in the briefing:

For .PAA conversion you just need to use the TexView 2 from the BI Tools 2.5 .

Help spread the word about this feature in ArmA, there isn't too much players using it. Let's have more squads :)

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